The A to Z of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

That Gaming Site writes: The Nintendo Entertainment System (best known for retro gamers as the NES) still stands to many as the definitive game system. For various reasons, as will be outlined by this article, this was the wave that pulled games out of the slumps and predated the marketing genius known as the "console wars". In true retro-loving fashion, we have compiled our own A to Z of the NES.

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Elven63464d ago

Ahh the NES, that brings back memories!

spydersvenom3464d ago

Every point brought on more nostalgia

pangitkqb3464d ago

of turning gaming from an obscure hobby to a national one; the Nintendo Entertainment System. I loved every second I gamed on mine.

jimineyscrickets3464d ago

As the first game system I ever coveted (I wasn't that impressed with the Atari), Nintendo's first successful NA launch system will forever hold a special place in my gaming heart.

gameplayingfool3464d ago

What a great system. It even managed to pre-date fanboys. Those were the days.

spydersvenom3464d ago

No kidding. They don't even know how flame an article like this!

BWS19823463d ago

exactly, because the fanboys are so young and naive, they are probably thinking "NES, isn't that emulator program thingy?"

It was a sick system, my first one. I thought it was heaven, it was what REALLY introduced me to gaming (I'd played bits of Atari and "IBM games" like Buck Rogers and Munchman, but not at length or in my own house in depth...)

krazy14kraz3464d ago

Yes, this was the best console EVER.

Fisherking3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

The nes is one of the best. I remember me and my family(mostly me) going through at least 3 of these consoles before moving on to another console because the games for the nes were that fun. And this person is right in saying that you have to blow in the cartridges most if not all of the time, there is also a power and reset button trick that helped get games to work, the situation got so bad on one console that I nearly had to take the nes cover off and slightly re-align and hold the cartridge connector in a certain spot for the cartridges to actually read correctly, it was worth it though because the games were so fun on the nes and challenging back when I was a kid. Also If I remember correctly super mario brothers was the first game that I ever played in my life when I was about 3 or 4 years old(I am now 24). Nintendo's future main console releases(snes and n64) were good but were not as good as their original console the "famicom/nes". The nes definitely ranks up there on my list of my most favorite console's ever made like: the arcade, neo geo, ps1, ps2, and(possibly in the future) the ps3.