IGN: Fable II See the Future Q&A

Want more Fable II? Well, the second round of DLC, called See the Future, is on its way, and IGN has got some additional details. Lionhead writer Mark Hill took the time to answer a few of their questions about exactly what's being included in this update, how it will tie into content already available, new lands and new breeds of dog, and how it differs from the first add-on, Knothole Island.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3486d ago

This game was such a letdown.Fable 2 truly sunk to a new low with mediocre gameplay and more broken promises from Molyneaux

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3486d ago

I see the future.Sony and Nintendo are there as expected.Microshaft is bankurupt because of its flops(360,RROD,HDDVD,Vista,Zun e,Too Human) and its upcoming flops(E74,Too Human 2,W7)

Surviver3486d ago

Your probably the biggest loser I have ever seen on this site.
Not even because of your opinion.
It is because... Nobody asked... or cares.


II Necroplasm II3486d ago

There's no telling how many accounts that weirdo has.

sack_boi3486d ago

It's Morganfail, just ignore him. And btw this is open zone, fun zone.

PotNoodle3486d ago

So.. this DLC hints at the next game they are working on. I hope it is longer than the last DLC, while it had some nice new features in there (Weather control etc) it was just too short, i completed it in 30 minutes.

Still love the game though.