Evil Avatar: Wheelman Review

Evil Avatar writes: "'Wheelman' was one of those next-gen games revealed with a CGI trailer very early on. The initial concept always seemed pretty solid. A driving action game with celebrity endorsement with a pretty cinematic was enough to get early interest. The developers promised choreographed action sequences in an exciting setting with revolutionary car combat. Unfortunately the end product is a barely enjoyable, buggy mess with only a few saving graces to make it even worth renting."

The Good

* Race missions are surprisingly good and perhaps worthy of their own own game.
* The first few missions are fun.
* The city might be dull to navigate but it's presented well.
* Special moves are cool to pull off but a little useless within the context of the endlessly spawning, catch-up driven A.I.

The Bad

* On-foot third person shooting sections feel like remnants of PSX era games.
* Missions are extremely repetitive.
* Human models are atrocious.
* Driving model is extremely rigid, good driving is limited to the set special moves.

The Ugly

* The promise of cinematic choreographed action fades extremely quickly and you are instead left with endlessly spawning enemies that you can't outrun, can't out-smart and don't enjoy smashing away.

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