Batman: Arkham Asylum System Requirements

Those of you who decide to go with the PC version of Arkham Asylum instead of its console counterparts will have to face the peevish gatekeeper of PC gaming: system requirements. Today Eidos revealed what your computer will need in order to throw Batarangs at a decent framerate

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News4fanboys3512d ago

i play crysis on high so this is nothing..however im not gunna get on PC though.... these kinds of game require my Dualshock 3 so its a console buy for me.

Kurylo3d3512d ago

i plug my 360 controller into my pc :)

akaFullMetal3512d ago

I played the demo on a local gamestop ps3, and I found it surprisingly very fun. I am actually looking forward to this, so really people should look into this game.

ikral3512d ago

so my p4 3.0ghz 2gb ram and gforce 7600gs is enough? cool...