Shivering Isles on the Marketplace now

Its 993.75MB and 2400 Microsoft points.

Enjoy Oblivion fans.

You might have to go to "All downloads" Section.

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Hooded Vendetta4318d ago

Be nice if you approve this news article so more people are aware please :)

ASSASSYN 36o4318d ago

YES I AM DOWNLOADING NOW. I checked today and it wasn`t there you do need to go to the all download section. THX you got a bubble from me.

Rasputin20114318d ago

I will see what I can do for ya man.

Hooded Vendetta4318d ago

Thanks for getting it up.

Enjoy people.

Think i was the first to actually download it and get the first acheivment :P

Rasputin20114318d ago

I told you I would get you hooked up HV...enjoy some spotlight.

fjtorres4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

With Heroes on Hiatus there's nothing on TV tonight so I've been checking every half hour in the new releases section.
Nothing there.
But it definitely is there in the All Downloads section.
And for those complaining about price: its a full 1 GB download! (Give or take 10 Mb) ;-)
I can see how its going to offer at least 40 hours.
Now to go off into Oblivion for the next week or so...

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