Game Focus: Phantasy Star Portable Review

Kabir Singh: "Overall, weak production values hurt a game that had a lot of potential. Hardcore RPG fans will find something to enjoy but won't get overly excited about it, while the average gamer will find this game to be interesting at first and then the tedium will set in. Clearly, if you like RPGs this is worth a try but otherwise I would pass on this one."

+ Incredible amount of looting
+ Many customization options
+ 3 battle types plus hybrids
+ 4 playable races
+ Multiplayer capabilities but I did not get to try this
+ Huge amount of gameplay if you don't mind the grind
+ Action palette is a nice addition

- Low resolution graphics
- Grind, grind , grind and grind some more
- Horrible AI
- Lack of exploration
- Horrible menu systems

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