OSV Preview: Hamauzu's Final Fantasy XIII Soundtrack Not to Disappoint

The Final Fantasy XIII demo featured four pieces of music by composer Masashi Hamauzu. Included were tracks for regular battles and boss battles as well as a menu theme and a dungeon track. While Hamauzu's style has earned him many fans throughout his career at Square Enix, it has been considered less accessible than some other Final Fantasy composers in the past. His work on FFXIII, however, should please fans of Nobuo Uematsu's past Final Fantasy work with its use of band music and powerful battle themes.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3486d ago

The soundtrack will be grand and masterful.Its quality will be unparalleled on the Playstation 3 version.The 360 version will be inferior because the 360 much like the Sega Genesis has the same graphics quality and sound chip.

- Ghost of Sparta -3486d ago

They had to remove the soundtrack from the 360 port 'cause it wouldn't fit on the 13 DVD's. 360 owners will be playing the game with downgraded graphics and no sound.

Whitey2k3486d ago

yea but u do know ps3 version is gonna be gimped cos of the 360 port there gonna downgrade the ps3 version i gareentee that

djaparatic3484d ago

i must admit that i was quite impressed with music, i didn't expect it to be on such a high level... i expected some jpop cliches, but this actually sounds good, themed, and mix of orchestra and band music which really reminds on uematsus work. Nice