The Top 7... things Grand Theft Auto IV needs

The kingpin of crime games comes roaring back in October. Here's what Games Radar would like to see when it does.

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AppleSlime4764d ago

but I recall R* saying deathmatch just isn't GTA...which really is a shame. As for the map, I definitely agree that the varying terrain of SA should be preserved, just not on that scale. I really took a long time to get accustomed to the map in SA, with it being so damn huge.

ElementX4764d ago

Are sick of "top" lists. Top games that need a sequel, top games of the summer, top features we'd like to see in Halo 3, whatever... it makes me sick. These really aren't news articles and I don't see how they get approved

Audiggity4764d ago

I seem to remember all GTA games having completely predetermined animations (other than cars)... how abotu a physics engine? I know, I know, they licensed Euphoria. But they still haven't 'confirmed' that it is being used for GTA4. For all we know it's gonna be used in Rockstar Pool. All signs point to non-linear gameplay and destructible environments, but I don't care if a building can be leveled if it's only going to be the same pre-scripted animation.

Fingers crossed... multiplayer/co-op GTA with a full blown physics engine? Not sure the shrink wrap would ever come off of Halo 3.

Theo11304763d ago

Lets just be happy with the things they are good at delivering: Great compeling content that immerses you in a role. And if they deliver that, to hell with multi


1) it needs to be 360 exclusive :D
2) it needs FULL online and offline co-op
3) It needs to be better than GTA : SA
4) it needs a persistant online element
5) it needs to meet its release date
6) It needs to be able to fit on one DVD
7) it needs to come out before Halo 3 (so i can complete it before getting distracted)