6 of the best new weapons in Dead Rising 2

GamesRadar writes:

"Let's be honest, the biggest thrill of the original Dead Rising isn't the story, the characters or even the supermarket location. It's twatting zombies in the face with guitars, snipping them in two with a pair of oversized garden shears and generally causing as much damage as possible with whatever comes to hand.

The good news then, is that Dead Rising 2's new developers - Blue Castle Games - are keen to give you even more tools to bring the pain as they demonstrated at Capcom's recent Captivate event in Monaco. New lead, ex-motorcross champion Chuck Greene, is set to tear up Fortune City with some of the most genius weapons we've seen yet. Here's our favourites so far."

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Cwalat3486d ago

The bike with two chainsaws by the handles... Awesome ! =D

panasonic233486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

360 version will have exclusive content only on xbox 360.

Cwalat3485d ago

sooo ?