iBuyPower Introduces LAN Warrior PCs writes: "iBUYPOWER, one of the largest gaming system manufacturers in the world, is excited to announce its first small form factor (SFF) system – LAN Warrior. Unlike previous attempts at SFF gaming systems, the LAN Warrior offers..."

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Andras843464d ago

I got a PC from them in 2007 and one of the 2GB ram was defected in the system. They told me to send it back without giving me an RMA number or anything. So I sent it back and I still haven't recived anything from them. I called them millions of times but it's very, very difficult to get in touch with them because they don't pick up the phone 90% of the time and even when they do they make you hold a good 30-40 minutes.

So when I got into contact with someone from them they told me they never recived it.

Bunch of clowns and liars. Don't buy anything from these people.

JelalTrueshot3464d ago

They have definitely had their share of bad customer service. Check ou their BBB entry here:

They were given a B-

FragMnTagM3464d ago

That is unacceptable. Microsoft at least has better customer service than that.

knightoftears3464d ago

I bought my first pre-built system from them some years ago. At that time their customer service was very good and I never had the no pickup problem. I remember they had to substitute my motherboard with another one, so they upgraded it for free with a better board. The system ran well and did anything I needed it to do.

With this thing though, who is actually going to need 24 gigs of memory? That is overkill. Nothing wrong with having nice upgrade options, but that is ridiculous.

BWS19823464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

right now that's overkill, but it could be a way of future-proofing the rig...although, by the time games/software can push and utilize 24 GB of RAM, something like "DDR5" etc... may make the version now used quite obsolete....I'm not sure, it depends where the tech is headed, and some others here may have more insight than I do on that front....

badkolo3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

whatever you do, for the love of god please dont buy from ibuypower, if oyu need proof i have it, reciepts and the burnt rig.

The leds where dying in the first week, fan stopped working, graphics card had coolent leak and my whole rig caught on fire, second to the top of the line, best mother board etc.. I even paid for the extra check to make sure its all perfect. They said they repaired it, it worked for 2 weeks and caught on fire , if i can i thing i can find the video of it burning.

They are crooks with bad service and bad computers, im not the only one, i haerd bad things but ibuypower explained the comlaints away and i didnt listen.

The reason people buy formt hem is becuase you get so much for your money, well 1 and a half years ago i got a great deal so i jumped in, boy did i regret it.
buyers beware.

What i built form them for 2200 would of costed 4k anywhere else

BWS19823464d ago

parts off Newegg, mostly retail (to make sure the cables etc.. are all there, and just for peace of mind as well, to be honest)...and I'm building my own rig. Coolermaster HAF 932 and an i7, 6 GB OCZ XMP RAM, Antec Sas well as the P6T Deluxe V2....should be putting it together this weekend if I'm lucky...but, I say that because I looked at Cyberpower and iBuypower ads just to see what kind of cost I would have been looking at to have it put together by them....I more or less beat their prices (just by about a hundred or so) but I will have peace of mind knowing I have all the warranties, and no aged OEM parts (thanks Alienware...)....

2 times now I had considered iBuyPower but didn't consider them seriously enough to look into customer reviews....this thread is giving me some info on that front though...

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