Top 10 Ways to Tell if a Game is Hardcore

The ten best ways to tell if a game can be considered "hardcore".

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3458d ago

If the game is exclusive to PS3,its hardcore.If its on Wii or 360,its casual.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3458d ago

Hmm? Xbox 360? I never heard of it :/

Hixon4Life3458d ago

sorry, buddy. the xbox360 is far more hardcore than the ps3. pwned.

MGOelite3458d ago

1 word to undermine your arguement hixon.


DevastationEve3458d ago

never heard of x360...that's okay, 29mil+ already have.

you'll be number 30,000,000 in no time ;)

thebudgetgamer3458d ago


one day i would like to be that person.


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DDP3458d ago

What a hilarious article. I hate when people feel the need to distinguish between hardcore and casual games. Also, the part about N4G being obsessed with Killzone 2 is right on the money.

Sexius Maximus3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

If you are a fanboy, you're not "hardcore." Passing on MANY fantastic games because of brand loyalty doesn't make sense to me anyway. But I'm neither casual nor hardcore, I just game whenever I feel the need, whatever that makes me, so be it. I do have to say though...what wrong with guns and boobies?

Dark General3458d ago

Hahahahahaha a nice dose of satire.

rambi803458d ago

Opinions of an anonymous author aren't worth anything.
Maybe the author should grow a pair

Smacktard3458d ago



It's beautiful. And oh-so-true.

RKRigney3458d ago

It's nice to see that the N4G guys are willing to admit that it is true ;D Good article, OW.

vickers5003458d ago

Old Wizard's top 5 requirements for a good game.

1. Must have been made 10+ years ago
2. Has to be from Nintendo
3. Must be 2 dimensional
4. Cannot be mature
5. Has to include a plumber

This guy just thinks he is superior to everyone else because the only games he plays are from the 90's or earlier. Rejecting anything new and limiting yourself to old games does not make you cool, nor does it make you a "real" gamer, Old Wizard. And thinking that you are superior because of that, simply makes you a douchebag.

(though you are correct about n4g and killzone 2)

Morbius4203458d ago

It seems n4g is more obsessed with Halo than KillZone.

rockleex3458d ago

Depending on how much depth there is to the game. How hard the learning curve is. Etc.

Casual games are like Pong or Wii Sports, not much depth there.

"Casual games" and "casual gamers" have existed before the Wii even began development. Yet some people seem to think its all a conspiracy to attack the Wii.

No. The truth is that the Wii just has a lot more casual games and casual gamers.

LJWooly3458d ago

Actually Morbius, it would seem the 360-owning population of this site is obsessed with Halo... so needless to say, we don't see much Halo obsession here.

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Son of Odin3458d ago

i hate when people say the wii has no hardcore games. there are plenty of hardcore wii games. just look at super smash brothers.

3458d ago
gersh3458d ago

Are you guys joking when you say Super Smash Bros is hardcore?

Son of Odin3458d ago

hardcore gamers are pretty much all losers.

Fishy Fingers3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

And posting comments on a gaming website is the epitome of cool yes?

Casual, hardcore... its rubbish. You either play games or not. If I put 10 hours a day in Wii sports what am I casual or hardcore? Or perhaps I play COD4 a few hours a week?

Surely its more to do with your interest level (time spent) in games rather than your genre/platform of choice.

Volvobug3458d ago

any game on the wii is not hardcore.

eat_shorts3458d ago

VolvoBug u fail, trying playing Super Smash Bros Brawl with friends its better than most "hardcore" games.

Insanium3458d ago


Hardcore gamers have no friends.

kesvalk3458d ago

^ you have a point there...

but really, the hardcore/casual thing, is just stupid...

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