Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PS3) Review

Bethesda's gigantic adventure finally comes to the PS3, is it worth rebuying? Find out in the full ZTGD review of Oblivion for the PS3.

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techie4757d ago

Noones rebuying. If you go to buy a nextgen have oblivion on the 360 and you have it on the ps3. It's not about Rebuying, unless you are rich and slightly weird with wanting to own the same games twice.

nicodemus4757d ago

How many different reviews for Oblivion are going to make the front page?

Nik4757d ago

It is the better console version.

nicodemus4757d ago

If you only have a PS3, this game is an absolute MUST. Apart from the updated graphics, there are probably a lot fewer bugs in the PS3 version as well. Absolutely great game. One of the best bangs for your buck in my opinion.

spacetoilet4756d ago

What $hit a$4 review is this? They have just plagiarized the 1up review and changed a few words. Cut n paste.