Boom or Blurst: A New Business Model for Videogames?

How many fans do you need to support you if you're an independent game developer? Apparently, only about 10,000 a year.

For the last year, Arizona-based game developer Flashbang Studios has released a game every eight weeks free of charge to play online on its Web site Blurst. The games have often been bizarre and cartoonish. "Jetpack Brontosaurus" and "Off-Road Velociraptor Safari" play exactly as they sound while "Blush" allows players to control a jellyfish-like creature through a glowing undersea world. On Friday, the company release its newest game, "Paper Moon," a monochromatic jaunt through a dreary landscape as players control the scenery to advance through the stages. "It's based on a pop-up book and the song by Ella Fitzgerald," says Steve Swink, Flashbang's game designer.

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