Rockstar release Chinatown Wars Papercraft for Social Club members

Thatgamingsite writes:

"Despite dissapointing sales, it looks like Rockstar are continuing their support for DS-venture 'Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars'.

Rockstar have just released downloadable papercraft templates for the Sabre GT car and Handgun Pistol for members of Rockstar to download and create with more on the way according to Rockstar."

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Elven63463d ago

If things go well I hope to pick this game up tomorrow, I've heard nothing but good things, sucks it didn't sell as well as people hoped in North America though.

raiden_933463d ago

It deserved better. It's quite a impressive achievement on the DS and the poor sales shouldn't stop people from going out and buying it.

spydersvenom3463d ago

Already own it and it saved me from a gaming-free Honeymoon (not that I had a lot of free time, though). I see the sales being consistent, even though they've been unfortunately slow.

krazy14kraz3463d ago

Best Buy is selling it for 20 bucks. gunna get it soon.

nikola9873462d ago

Why is everybody talking about poor sales? It sold over 420 000 copies already.