Lesbians Discuss Homophobia in World of Warcraft

AATG writes:

"Internet lesbians have been chewing over the issue of homophobia in gaming, after one lesbian encountered hostility on World of Warcraft.

"Tonight, I joined a guild," said lesbian Val, "and I should've guessed right away when I asked 'is this guild LGBT friendly?' and they responded 'lgbt?' I knew it was a write off. But instead I clarified, and asked if it was Gay/Lesbian friendly, and the person who added me into the guild said 'Why? wut? u gay or lesbian?'"

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Candlestickmaker3461d ago

COD is full of 12-year-olds shouting homophobic slurs, etc. WoW is very tame compared to that.

Anyway, people are different animals online. I bet they'd be really embarrassed if you played their trash-talk back to them in a real-life situation.

People like these jerks is why I play with voice chat off.

Baka-akaB3461d ago

People are jerk to everyone in most popular games .

What i dont understand however is what the F**K is your sexual preference got to do with guild choice .

It should be something that comes up naturally in a convo like "btw i'm gay" (ok maybe not natural but you get the idea) not from the get go or as a criteria .
And then if people are jerks about it , you complaint or get the hell out of there .

Why the need to parade about it in a game from a get go ? It's completely off-topic , it something of your personal life , shouldnt feel ashamed for , but shouldnt need to advertize like a trophy either .
Ok society is ruled Heteros mostly , but it would be likewise stupid for them to shout it , or blab about it at enrollement ...

Just like it would be stupid and irrelevant for me to go "hey i'm a mulato , are you cool with this ? "

menoyou3461d ago

Wahh wahh, cry cry. Homophobia. Bigots. Closed mindedz.

I told them I was a lesbian, they didn't ask. I felt the need to tell them anyway. I asked this to every Guild in WoW until I found one that didn't like gays so I could blog about how the world is such a cruel place for lesbians and gays!

This doesn't happen to any other group on the planet! People don't scream NI**ER, people don't say FAT A**, people don't say any of those things! We homosexuals are the ONLY victims in the world! Please everyone support our good fight!

ps3d03461d ago

The net in general is filled with more of these kind of people. It doesnt matter if it wow, xbla , psn or just a chat room. Its easy to sit there and call someone names when you are hiding behind a keyboard/controller.

Tho I have a bit of a funny story from when I use to play wow. I played a female toon (my 1st was actually a a male then I switch) and use to play with this girl. Well find out one day she has a crash on me and I'm thinking oh great some dude got a crash on me. Then she tells me shes a lesbian (guess maybe should of been a bit insult she thought I was woman). When told her I was a guy she didnt believe me. I fond the whole thing to be pretty funny.

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ElementX3461d ago

The wording of this article is amusing. "Lesbians have been chewing..." carpet munchers, chewing. I'm not trying to offend, I'm gay. They could've used a different word

tdrules3461d ago

yeah i saw that and giggled quite hard

tehk1w13461d ago

I also thought it was lulz worthy that the article entitles people as lesbians. Lesbian Rachel instead of say, Rachel, who is a lesbian.

madjedi3461d ago

funny in all my games i play or psn friends i meet, i never go around telling them i am straight.

Now this will probably upset gays/lesbians or the candy ass pc thugs, but can't you play your games without bringing your sexuality in them. So why is this so hard for some gays and lesbians.

Racism, prejudice, bigotry will always exist, unfortunatly get used to it.

A research project for some of the offended viewers, can you find me a regular game, where it actually really matters if the main character is gay or straight.

And if, so does the game goes out of it's way to flag whether or not the main character is gay or straight, and is the game decent.

G4Chicks3461d ago

but don't you think its that type of attitude that allows it to exist?
it always starts with one person at a time

G4Chicks3461d ago

why do i get a disagree but no reply to my comment

akaFullMetal3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

What I don't understand is why did she have to right away say that she was gay? It won't matter if your gay if you have a level 80 dk knight that kicks ass, especially if you don't tell them. Me personally, I don't go into groups telling them that I am straight and ask if they are cool with that. It's because it doesn't matter, especially if she joined that group.
She should of just played the game, and acted like her self, if they figured out she was gay, but liked her as a person, then things would of been fine. But to blatantly just go out of your way to tell people you are gay is just wrong.

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