Microsoft may be building iPhone rival with Verizon

Verizon Wireless is reportedly working with software giant Microsoft Corp. to develop a new smart phone device that could rival the popular iPhone.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, Microsoft and
Verizon are in talks to develop a touch-screen mobile phone that would run on Window's Mobile, Microsoft's mobile device operating system that has seen its position come under attack from devices like the iPhone and BlackBerry, which use competing software platforms.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Microsoft will call it the iFlop which was the original code name for the 360.Honest.

robotnik3457d ago

I salute you for your bravery, Lord Shuhei Yoshida.

hitthegspot3458d ago

Why would MS do this when the iPhone is going to come out on Verizon?

sonarus3458d ago

When was the last time microsoft created a good OS. Vista sucks and the last 2 windows mobile i have used all sucked.

I am not even a big fan of apple products but their OS is obviously better than windows mobile. Still won't be buying apple computer though trying to see if microsoft can get their act together with the next windows

WhittO3458d ago

i HATE using windows mobile! the interface is so clunky and dull, really not nice to navigate through.

thats why the iphone is so popular, not because of its storage or looks, because it has such a good interface/operating system

Bonsai12143458d ago

apple and at&t are in contract talks to extend exclusivity. though vodafone, which owns half of verizon already sells the iphone in europe. either way, its a lose lose situation for microsoft. did they not learn their lesson from the zune?

XxZxX3458d ago

Apple(AT&T) vs Google(T-Mobile) vs Microsoft(Verizon)

actually AT&T and T-Mobile and Verizon all have Microsoft OS.

sonarus3458d ago

Windos mobile is so crappy. I would have bought xperia X1 but i heard windows mobile fuks it up

dragunrising3458d ago

Microsoft is not releasing its own phone. Why? Because, they are dedicated to Mobile Windows. Mobile Windows 6.5 isn't even out yet...why would they release a phone that would compete? If anything they will introduce Live Market place on all new MW phones. I don't recall the Zune being a huge success (despite being awesome) so it is doubtful they would risk making their own phone and alienating business partners.

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jamesrocks31473458d ago

it will never catch up or become as popular as the iphone unless its superior and cheaper which i dowt it will be. microsoft might aswel give up in the mobile market and stick to software and xbox 360

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sack_boi3458d ago

I reckoned people said the same thing befor Microsoft entered the console business.

UnwanteDreamz3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

I think MS is capable of making something that rivals the iPhone in the technical sense but without that little must have (i) I don't see it becoming a must have to consumers. This is just my opinion but the iPhone has captured the same thing the Wii has. "Consumers" view it as must have tech. Of course not all but the ones who are more likely to pony up the extra cash do.

I work at a Fortune 500 company and you would not believ how many execs stood in line to get 3 or 4 iPhones when the released.

RememberThe3573458d ago

Actually Sony has known about MS since they entered the videogmae market. Back when the PS was in development Sony knew that MS would end up being their main competition.

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UMC3458d ago

What are they thinking? The Zune has been destroyed by the Ipod Touch and once again another 'iphone killer', and previously mentioned, Apple are in talks with Verizon...

hakis863458d ago

good luck! And show it before we care =p

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