Street Fighter PC - First screenshots

Capcom published the first screenshots from PC version of Street Fighter IV showing some filtering effects.

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Supercalifragili4371d ago

Need to see some more. But its exactly like the console versions.

Fishy Fingers4371d ago (Edited 4371d ago )

Which ones? look at the several images of Ryu, they all show distinct differences using the different filters. They cant all look the same as the consoles.

Still, it's not like there will be much difference, it's the same game. Probably just a little 'cleaner' because of the higher res/AA.

UnwanteDreamz4371d ago

Then that means if you are not a hardcore SF fan this will be a very forgetable fighter.

To their credit most fighters released this gen have been average.

PotNoodle4371d ago


SF4 is one of the best fighting games evarr!

I'm no hardcore fighting fan, but i've played a fair few - i owned sf2 on the mega drive, but only ever played that casually, never properly.

So maybe my experience isn't the best, but from where i am standing, it is easily one of the best, if not the best - for me.

DevastationEve4371d ago (Edited 4371d ago )

i think soul calibur 4 is still my favorite fighting game. but it just barely narrows out dead or alive 4.

doa4 is still number 1, although vf5 came pretty close. but i'm really interested in what comes AFTER sf4! seriously, they can take the engine and update some of their other hit arcade games.

doa4 was 2005, gosh...time really flew.

um, disagrees? so i DONT think doa4 is number 1? wow, you guys are lame.

BYE4371d ago (Edited 4371d ago )

I think SF4 is the best fighter ever.

But maybe KOFXII will be great too, I hope so.

Doppy4371d ago

I don't think the best fighting game has been made. All of the fighting games we have now are just modified versions of the originals which were great when they first came out, but now it's time for something new.

Street Fighter is a very good fighting game, but it's not the best to me. The thing that makes Street Fighter great is the characters. Street Fighter has one of the best cast of video game characters ever.

Tekken has always been my favorite fighting game. I like the combo system, however I wish it was more realistic at times. Being able to juggle someone in the air and bounce them off the ground back in the air is fun, but it takes away from the game to me which is why I don't consider Tekken to be the greatest Fighting game.

DOA has somewhat of a Tekken syndrome. It's super fun and flashy, but super fake. The thing with DOA though is that From the start you know you're playing as [email protected]$$ ninjas and assassin's so you expect it more so than Tekken, but that still doesn't help make it more believable. However 1 thing DOA has over Tekken is the counter system which needs work but at least they have it, Oh and the interactive stages kick @$$.

Virtua Fighter is probably the most realistic out of the bunch. The thing about Virtua Fighter is it's boring. Virtua Fighter is one of the most boring fighting games I've played, and They still have that horrible floating jump from the first game.

We need a fighting game with a cast as recognizable as Street Fighter, with the combo system of Tekken, a improved counter system and stage interactivity like DOA, but with the realism of Virtua Fighter. When that game comes out then we'll have a true BEST FIGHTING GAME.

PotNoodle4371d ago

Nah, i'd hate that. The combo system in tekken is terrible compared to street fighter's imo.

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Matpan4371d ago

Soul calibur for the DC eats SFIV for breakfast...