In Conversation with HipHopGamer (Part 1)

Ravi Sinha: "Matthew Roth, the fictional journalist of Vertigo's DMZ, once said, 'In a war of extremes pushing against each other, the stories, the interesting stuff, lie in the middle.'

"HipHopGamer is a major up-and-coming force in gaming journalism, according to one side. Another proclaims he's already arrived and provides real, straight talk in a language gamers can relate to. Yet another side says it simply: HHG is a joke and is 'ruining journalism'. A war has been raging since between the believers and the haters, but the real issue I've seen almost no one ask is: Just who is HipHopGamer? The wondrous inventions that are Skype and the internet offered a chance to talk straight to the purported master of the practice himself, Gerard 'HipHopGamer' Williams. In this first of a two-part series, Gerard talks about his family, how he first got into gaming and hip-hop, and more."

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DarK-SilV3487d ago

HHG do what you have to do, don't look back and ignore all the haters and fanboys ,your work proves them wrong, and that is all that matter

UnwanteDreamz3487d ago

Not liking something or someone for valid reasons is not the same as hatin on someone because they have more than you.

Get it straight buddy.

table3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

I'd never really heard much of HHG and never really had anything against him, but that interview with Jaffe made him sound illiterate and just generally annoying. Would rather get my news from someone who can string a sentence together without saying, "y'know what am sayin". His news doesn't help his credibility either.

socomnick3487d ago

Jesus christ HHG is an Idiot let it go already Brah.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3487d ago

"HHG is an Idiot"

True.Only an idiot would say that Ninja Blade(or any 360 exclusive) is better than God of War 3(or any PS3 exclusive)

socomnick3487d ago

You know what I agree. Ninja Blade while fun lacks that epicness than the God of war series has.

iDystopia3487d ago

Seriously, why can't the delusional extremists just stay in the Open Zone. This is supposed to be the civil zone.


KionicWarlord2223487d ago

Alot of stuff i didnt know about hhg .

This was very interesting.

Godmars2903487d ago

Its a lot of stuff I'm never finding out about him.

Could really care less.

PSP23487d ago

so hes only the hiphopgamer on sundays the rest of the week hes the hiphopmailman

LostDjinn3487d ago

That's "gangSTA"!

Chubear3487d ago

you guys are trying to rip him cause he has 2 Jobs? That's odd.

News4fanboys3487d ago

not everyone can be perfect ya know.
hes not gunna just change his mind or say something or do something different becuz idiot haters say so...

I would say leave the dude alone but its innevitable ... thats just how the fanboy system works.

i like his work and effort he puts into his show and site.
allthough i may not agree with him on somethings,i dont just scratch him off my list for that.... he just wont be as appealing on certain matters or gaming subjects for me.

i personally think (and ill be hated for this but W/E),that there should be more people like him in the gaming industry.. remember,i said LIKE HIM,not BE him.

ya know,someone thats a gamer but also we can relate to more and feel like the journalist is acually caring for gaming and us gamers out there insted of just doing it cuz they either have to or its an obligation to.

its funny cuz the more ppl that bash him,he just happens to be getting bigger and bigger in the gaming industry.

it truly shows the gap between fanboys and acual gamers.

UnwanteDreamz3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Once again for those who don't know the difference. I don't have to like what you like. I can be vocal about not liking something without being a hater.

I hate when people use urban slang they don't understand.

A hater is someone who does not like you because they are jealous. it isn't the same as not liking the guy because you believe he brings nothing constructive to the industry. I respect the guy for doing his own thing but I don't like his website or his show. I have not had one single instance where HHG gave me any information that I could not find somewhere else.

I would like to add that this subject in some ways does seperate the true gamers from fanboys. Like the kind of fanboys who would say anyone who don't like HHG is a hater? Those kind of fanboys?

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