What the Next Metal Gear Solid Must Have "It's one thing to pin a thought based on something that Hideo Kojima kind of, sort of, maybe alluded to. Case in point, the cybernetic ninja version of Raiden rumoured as the protagonist of the Next Metal Gear Solid. However, when it comes to deciding what Kojima's next magnum opus should have, much less fix from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots? Not so easy. Understandable, since Kojima and his team have built a rep for turning the expectations of fans upside-down, then inside-out and finally injecting it with FOXDIE. After looking over the basic genesis of Metal Gear Solid's gameplay over the years, along with some of the more nagging problems that remained up till MGS4, we list 5 features that the Next Metal Gear Solid must have."

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irish-leprecaun3464d ago

thats all. the only man who can replace snake!!

Nike3464d ago

William Adaama from BattleStar Galactica. :)

PotNoodle3463d ago

Solid snake would have chuck's neck snapped before he even rolled up to the metal gear solid set.

Nike3463d ago

William Adaama would go all >:[ on Solid Snake and Chuck Norris.

But seriously, turn this into a "Who's the Cyclon?" guessing game. Would be freaking awesome (not that that's the only thing cool about BGS). :D

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3464d ago

It must have exclusivity on the Playstation 3 or suffer the path to mediocrity.A path which all 360 exclusives are familiar with.

Nike3464d ago

It WAS placed under PSN's service exclusivity and it is under "Related products-->MGS5 (PS3)". So, it's kind of a given that it'll come to PS3.

laved3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Metal Gear solid is nothing but cutscenes and cyborg ninjas, and while raiden is much more powerful than than regular characters, he's nowhere near as powerful as gray fox. Plus if it does star raiden it would most likely take place before/during his transformation into the cyborg ninja we all know and love today.

3464d ago
laved3464d ago

I sarcastically exaggerated to prove a point, which you obviously mistook for bashing. I own metal gear solid 1-4 and they are among my most beloved game series of all time. I suppose that makes your comment "fail".

Nike3463d ago

So it's not a question of it's play-time. It's more like, why not get this story to flow better and actually involve the gamer rather than taking control out of their hands for 45 minutes to an hour at one time. Mind you, I loved the cut-scenes from MGS 1-4 but it couldn't hurt to try something new. :)

laved3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Actually, changing anything other than adding gameplay enhancements could hurt quite a lot. Changing the formula even the slightest bit could alienate the fanbase and thus hamper the sales. You see, the people who buy Metal Gear Solid games don't only do it for the gameplay, but for the cutscenes, the story and the way it's told.

Nike3463d ago

However, I've seen a lot of people who'd still love to play as Raiden simply because of the mad ninja props he offers.

And here I thought I was the only one who liked a cold controller when he started playing after a long cut-scene. :D

Zero Sora3463d ago

Maybe MGS needs to undergo a very large change? I don't mean in terms of the cut-scenes and all. I mean, why exactly can't the ninja be there? Most ninjas are silent assassins so it fits in very nicely with the whole stealth theme (don't quite think it'd turn into Tenchu either; Tenchu didn't have walking battle tanks equipped with WMDs).

Maybe Konami and Kojima just want to break out and make a completely different title now. And if that's the case, then like it or, list or no, they'll do it.

kwicksandz3463d ago

16 hours of playtime not counting cut scenes????

I want your copy of the game cause mine only had about 7. heck ive seen youtube speed runs in 3 hours!

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macalatus3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

My fellow Sony gamers, what the next Metal Gear Solid should have is a "Conversion Program" designed for our fellow 360 gamers suffering from a variety of crippling diseases. In order to not just promote a superior game made for classy and mature gamers (the Sony gamers of course), Kojima would also do a worldwide favor by helping 360 gamers terminally ill with MS stupidity by addressing these diseases:

Haloism: The belief that a Power Ranger rip-off is better than any
other games out there.

Master Chief-ism: A destructive social disease in which 360 gamers
have sexual fantasies about Master Chief.

Xboticus Stupidicus: A deadly viral disease that forces the already
dimwitted, average 360 gamer to commit crimes
and thinking of those crimes as "normal".

Remember, my fellow Sony gamers, even though these people are pathetically stupid to save themselves, it is still our moral duty both as human beings and as a gamer to help them out. After all, it part of our ways being the "mature, classy, and intelligent" gamers that we really are. So we humbly ask Konami and Kojima to include a "Conversion Program" in their next Metal Gear Solid game. That and coupled with superior graphics, soundtrack, and storyline, the 360 dummies may finally see the light and be one of us.

Nike3463d ago

Heh...Power Ranger rip-off. I honestly never saw it way. So very true. :)

Zero Sora3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

I liked that show! Well, Thuy Trang as Trini was really cool for me. Too bad she died in car accident. :(

Jeff Goldblum3463d ago


Why not load the next area while playing the 45 minute cut scenes.

If games like Uncharted and Killzone 2 need no cutscenes... why does Metal Gear Solid 4?

Nike3463d ago

I found that Killzone 2 not having an install feature was something lacking...because the game really just stops in places while loading the next portion. But then, the install times for games like DMC4 and MGS4 on PS3 were nothing to be happy about. Installs should be made an optional feature but agreed. It's entirely possible to halve the 45 minute cut-scene and still load a significant few level (s) while the player is doing nothing.

Zero Sora3463d ago

That was SUCH a nightmare to play on the PS3 and only because I was completely unprepared for the installation procedure. Still, it would be nice to keep it optional. A game like MGS though? Not really required. Just load the level throughout the cut-scenes, simple (which I'm pretty sure it already did in MGS4 even after the install).

RumbleFish3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

I would have found it better if the install for the next act wouldn't have replaced the install for the previous act. I would rather have one 15GB install and never have to install again. In particular because of MGS 4 being a game that's meant to be played more than once.

Oh and pleaze: don't change the controlls. They're just allowing such a deep and precise gameplay!

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