Fate/unlimited codes for PSP is download-only

Fate/unlimited codes is the second PSP game to be exclusive to the Playstation Store. The game will be released in the summer for $29.99.

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TheHater3487d ago

I guess this is one way to fight piracy on the PSP.

Sev3487d ago

This all digital model, coupled with the new PSP, is what is going to attempt to fight piracy.

That is why all of the developers are suddenly on board for the PSP again.

Sony is trying to push the PSP again so that it will still be relevant when the PSP2 drops in 2011

ExcelKnight3487d ago

This won't stop piracy at all. Hacked versions of all PSN store releases for PSP have popped up all over the web.

SpaceSquirrel3487d ago

Hopefully, this game will be successful so other Japan-only PSP games can come to North America as well on the Playstation Store.

sinned473487d ago

i hope they port this to ps2 in america

Godmars2903487d ago

Not really seeing how DDL is going to solve the piracy issue where UMDs didn't.

Close_Second3487d ago

...use a DLC model? I mean, they don't distribute pirate UMDs :)

I think the big push to stopping piracy on the PSP will be when they really push features like you have on the PSP with trophies and friends lists, etc. Basically anything that will want you to connect your PSP on-line.

Can they detect when a modded PSP connects to PSN or for playing multiplayer games such as Resistance Retribution?

By the way, I have a PSP-3000 and don't support software piracy. I love my PSP but just wish I could buy more arcade style games off of PSN such as Super Stardust Portable.

Close_Second3487d ago able to buy lots more PSP games off of PSN. I love the faster load times, the extra battery life that playing off the memory card brings.

They need to start releasing the platinum collection on PSN but at a lower cost than retail. For instance, on PSN "Daxter" is $34.95 NZD. I can walk into my local gaming store and get it for as low as $19.95 NZD. I also get something tangible I can trade or sell!

Price DLC right and it will sell!!!! Bring on Lumines and Lumines II on PSN for the PSP!!!!

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