A look inside the PAL PS3: New chip? 65nm?

Finally the newly revised Playstation 3 model has reached the shores of Europe, but the revision turned out very differently from what everyone expected. When Sony first announced its plans to cut the Emotion Engine (EE) from European units, everyone expected that the Graphics Synthesizer (GS) would be connected to PS3's southbridge with an eye towards eventual integration of the two components. However, this is not the case.

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Arkham4764d ago

Fine, but where do the hamsters go?

Raist4764d ago

It's highly unprobable that euro PS3's have a 65nm Cell, because it looks like the size is just the same.

Anyways, this realyl is a huge redesign of the motherboard, they really worked hard on it.

techie4764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

It looks more efficient... :P

ps. to me it looks smaller...on the old one it looks the same siz as the rsx, on the new one it looks considerably smaller...

Way to twist themart! The new chip is apparently reported to help with BC...and when you remove something things have to be reorganised.

The new 360 will most likely have a different board as well (65nm reported)

TheMART4764d ago

So Sony brought an unfinished product on the market and already changes the whole thing?

What's wrong with the last ones then, besides removing the PS2 hardware, it seems they did a whole lot other things there.

SOme problems on the drawing bord @ Sony headquarters?

Bad_Karma4764d ago

considering Microsoft are the absolute worst company for releasing unfinished products ,hardware and especially software .

kornbeaner4763d ago (Edited 4763d ago )

Red Ring of Death, A HDD that the manufacture itself said is a POS.
And now they are a releasing a Newer, improved version this spring.
Sound like somthing broken and being re-released.

MS loves you too.

Bathyj4763d ago

Oh we dont want HDMI. Oh yes we do.
Oh we dont want a bigger HD. Oh yes we do.
Oh we dont want a next gen disk format. Oh yes we do.
Oh we dont want it black. Oh yes we do.

I just can't understand you Mart, unless you happen to be a spoilt, 10 year old kid, in which case you make perfect sense. If you're anything other than that, I think you're just sad.

peksi4763d ago

Mart doesn't care whether it's a game console or a toaster as long as it says MS on top of it. You are correct with the 10 yrs.

Raist4763d ago

Well, at least we don't see any reports of thousands of PS3's frying, unlike the 360.

Besides, if you had read the article a bit instead of rushing in to troll, maybe you'd understand that all redesigns in the boards drawings are due to the removal of the EE chip :]

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BubblesDAVERAGE4764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

They should really get a price break...

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