GRAW 2 - Xbox360 Review

GRAW 2 is, in many ways, the same as its predecessor. The single player campaign begins just 24 hours after the conclusion of the previous installment. It's a pretty standard Clancy plot and you have the same toys to play with as in the previous installment with the addition of a few new weapons (including a badass Russian counter-sniper rifle.).

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unleash bass4757d ago

Single player way too short, although quite big, there are only three levels, apart from that well executed.

Multi-player, really needs the cover system that single players has, as your entire charcter moves into sight when just having a little look around corners. It tends to be a little jerky on the movment and the lobby system can be EXTREMLEY slow and tedious but, once the game actually gets going is great fun dispite the problems.

USMChardcharger4757d ago

Is this really the first review posted since release on here?

anyway, great game. leaps and bounds over the 1st one. there are several reasons is say that...but the bottome line is, i am having a lot more fun playing it than GRAW. I think there are tons improvements...but everyone else says a only a few here and there.

everytime i am playing i say, wow...why did they not mention that or this...o well.

o...and thank you ubi for putting clan support back in.