New Team Fortress 2 details- Crossplatform Online Play?

The German gaming magazine Action revealed some new details on Team Fortress 2.

First of all, Valve, the developers, are thinking about including crossplatform online play. But this really depends on Microsoft and Sony.

There will be new types of gameplay modes, such as Capture The Documents (or Capture the Flag to you and I). So you will have to steal a briefcase from the opponent's base.

Team Fortress 2 will also feature new maps, and remakes of old maps from the first Team Fortress.

Lastly, the magazine revealed the primary, secondary and melee weapons for all classes:

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Violater4761d ago

Didn't i ask for this a few weeks ago?
I hope it comes through, doubtful but a guy can still dream.
Fanboys would so get their just desserts.

kewlkat0074761d ago

I remember you mentioned this last week...Be careful what you wish for

OldSchoolGamer4761d ago

don't think you will ever see it as Microsoft is doubtfully giving any Live code to Sony, nor is Sony going to give online code to Microsoft. Would be great though!

BIadestarX4761d ago

This can't work. Microsoft and Sony do not share the same database. How would game invites work. the VOIP encoding technologies are not even the same. How about gamertag?
It would be nice. but it will not happen.
Some features that microsoft requires xbox 360 games to pass certification will have to be removed. Not going to happen.

BubblesDAVERAGE4761d ago

IT would be ps3 vs X360 all day and even pc if they can get on it....I think ps3 will fin I dont know why people say 360 controller is better for fps personally I always liked ps3s controls better

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The story is too old to be commented.