Resident Evil:The Darkside Chronicles Promises Next-Gen Graphics For Wii

From the Site....Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is a game developed by Capcom, And Capcom promises A Umbrella Chronicles with better design, better atmosphere, and the best graphics ever seen on the Wii.

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Bnet3433464d ago

Damn, probably the only reason why I would want a Wii is for the RE games.

GWAVE3464d ago

Yeah, but Capcom has promised a lot of things this gen. They've delivered oh so little.

DevilVergilX3464d ago

Now if they make a REMAKE of RE2 AND RE3 then I will get a wii. But for the time being I ll wait.

SullyDrake3464d ago

No Wii game will EVER have next-gen visuals. The Wii itself was NEVER DESIGNED to produce next-gen visuals.

Bnet3433464d ago

I don't know what promises you are talking about. GWAVE, provide links or don't even comment. Capcom has been probably the best 3rd party dev this gen. New IP's, remakes on XBLA and PSN, downloadable games, etc. The only thing they went wrong on was that RE5 DLC and SFIV Cosutmes DLC, other than that, they've pretty much delivered on all fronts, better than any other 3rd party dev.

LLSMOOTH3464d ago

I am so sick of the term "next gen"... as if next gen is some benchmark that guarantees that a game is good or not.

Can anyone even explain, what next gen is? and what next gen graphics look like?
To me there are only good and bad graphics. There are many games from 5 years ago that look better than games of today. Like RE 4, Metroid Prime, Rogue Squadron, ICO, they all look better than games of this generation like Vampire Rain, Too Human, Genji

So, forget all of this "next gen" business. Give me a good game to play with good graphics.

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Steve0073464d ago

Thats cool if this turns out as they said i am so getting a wii, i am a huge fan of the series and after playing RE5 on my PS3 i was disappointed the horror was no where to be seen.

I really Hope This Works.

Dawn_Of_Ashes3464d ago

The word next gen and wii in the same sentence?


Salta_nelas3464d ago

"“One of the things we thought we needed to achieve was a near-360 level of graphics"


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The story is too old to be commented.