New Trailer of FF7 : Crisis Core

Description of the video : " Must see new footage from the PSP spin-off"

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specialguest4320d ago

This is the actual video clip to the screens I posted a couple of days ago. bad it's not in full res. This game needs to hurry up and be released, or at least finished.

Logan4320d ago

The game looks beautiful.

Maldread4320d ago

i got to say i got a good feeling about the game, after seeing the trailer. If it get`s great reviews and being the FF7 fan i am, i`ll pick up a psp in order to play it.

ChickeyCantor4320d ago

you can see the difference between the ingame-scripted-scenes and the actual gameplay, both look nice though.

Babylonian4320d ago

this game looks great, now i'm definitly going to get a PSP. just waiting for a redesigned PSP though................

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