Mortal Kombat VIII to be an MMORPG?

The April edition of the Official Xbox Magazine has a small section which reveals a rumor about Mortal Kombat VIII. According to the small snippet, MK VIII will be different to past MK games as it'll be a MMORPG.

Keep in mind that this is the April edition, and there is bound to be several April fool jokes placed into the magazine...

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Bhai5245d ago

Just see:

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon's 'Kreate A Fighter' mode was already a great success, as you made your own fighter with unique appearance, martial arts style and special moves and then took him/her online and really showed what that fighter could do online with the rest of the world...

...Now, consider all those self-made fighters in next-gen having to form a unique, individual storyline within the MK universe, with more downloadable/buyable accessories to really 'shine' in wuxia aspects. Whole markets and departments in chinese architecture to get to, small oriental restaurants to visit, and all that further enhanced by provoding a unique lobby or lounge for PS3's HOME where your custom character has a customizable setting and outlook of the mystical outworld...just WOW !!!

BIadestarX5245d ago

I guess developers are going nutz making MMOs.

grifter0245245d ago

Yes I agree what aer they doing?????? If MK becomes an MMO .. I will just give up on this game.. I remember when it was 2d.. Then the characters become all beefy ..story that makes no sense.. They kill Lui Kang then he comes back>?? OK make up your mind... If this games comes out as an MMO it will be a sad and pathetic day for an Iconic franchise.