MGF: Car Jack Streets Review

Well the time is finally here and Car Jack Streets is now available on the App Store. The game first came out about 6 months ago on java handsets. It was a decent game but you could sense that Tag Games had more that they wanted to do beyond the confines of a small .jar file (ah the wonders of hindsight).

After much reworking, Car Jack Streets comes to the iPhone and is a great improvement on the original. The fundamentals are the same, you play as Randal Meyers; a part-time hoodlum with a million dollar debt to repay. As you can imagine, even though all your debts have been consolidated into a simple amount that's going to take some time to pay back. Top boss, Frankie, has a kind heart and will accept payments of only $50,000 every week! The only way this is getting paid back is through shady criminal work and not by flipping burgers.

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The_Zeitgeist3513d ago

Wow this looks like a total rip-off of the old GTA games.