Scratching the Zombie Itch - Upcoming Undead Game Releases

Tiring of Resident Evil 5 and how that Japanese person playing Sheva has endless ammo for every weapon? Has your interest in Left 4 Dead's new Survival Mode already decayed to chunks? Do you desire the ability to drop those wimpy ranged weapons, pick up a chainsaw, and just go to town?

Well, fear not. An endless horde of face-gnawing undead titles is stumbling your way. Here's a few, with screenshots, vids and info to whet your appetite (for brains).

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StillGray3513d ago

After Left 4 Dead, it'll be hard to find another zombie game that's just as good. Valve definitely raised the bar.

DanSolo3513d ago

More Zombie games, especially good Zombie games, would definately be good! FPS's, RPG's, Adventure games, its all good in the hood!

I don't really like the Resident Evil games too much now, although I enjoyed the early ones so I don't get my zombie fill from those.
I also can't play Left 4 Dead (unfortunately as it looks like my kind of game) as I don't have a 360. And the same goes for dead rising....

So hopefully a big injection of Zombie games full of undead brains for me to blow away on the PS3 will hit soon to keep me happy!