Blu-ray May Avoid Betamax's Fate, Even If The PS3 Isn't So Lucky

Press reports have sales of Sony's Blu-ray high-definition DVDs selling at about twice the rate of Toshiba-backed HD-DVDs over the past two months, yet Sony itself cautions the inclusion of a Blu-ray player in the PS3 could limit the latter's market share.

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CyberSentinel4754d ago

The sacrificial lamb of Blu-ray.

BIadestarX4754d ago

If blu-ray wins at the expense of sacrifising the playstation brand, it will be great for Sony. They will make lots of money anyways. but, it will be bad for their PS fanbase. ohhh..well.. they have to look for their shareholders first. It's business.

Husso4754d ago

why post links to blogs ? nothing but some nerds BS opinion.

Tut4754d ago

It is actually not allowed or heavily discouraged according to the rules/test you have to take in order to post news on this site.

ASSASSYN 36o4754d ago

Good job sony your goal to make Blu-ray a success will be achieved. The trojan horse that is ps3 has done it`s job.

Lebauski4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

Can't hear that "trojan horse"-BS anymore!
A little lesson:
What is a trojan horse?
In history it was a trick that the greeks used to conquer troja.
Nowadays it's also known as maleware that allows to infiltrate your system with code that is destructive and/or able to spy on passwords etc.
In both cases it's definetly something you DON'T want!

So how does this apply to the PS3?? When I buy a PS3, I KNOW I'm getting Blu-Ray! And when I'm willing to pay the price for a PS3 it doesn't matter if I want Blu-Ray or not. IF I want it - great! You get a player for a bargain-price! If not - who cares? You get it as a bonus!