Sony: "Sometimes your ambition to go a step further carries its risks"

The first part of interview with Sony UK boss Ray Maguire covered European pricing, the bumpy road to launch and the head start for Nintendo and Microsoft's home consoles.

Here, Maguire discusses the "luxury" aspect of PlayStation 3, and whether there is a real consumer demand for a machine claiming to be much more than 'just' a game console...

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scarlett_rg5237d ago (Edited 5237d ago )


So he'd be frustrated if he can't go into a store and buy something... and yet he claims the PS3 isn't selling in the US because they've stopped supplying the US?... which implies that people can't go into a store and buy it... so by his logic he must be frustrating the entire US consumer-base. Ya, that's smart!

Or how 'bout the REAL version of what he meant to say...

There's no need to keep supplying the US because we have tonnes of stock sitting on store shelves which nobody is buying anyway, so we've stopped producing for the US, so we can have an equally high number sitting on shelves in Europe.

It's quite humorous watching these guys try to justify why their ship is sinking so fast. I've yet to see a successful attempt. lmao

neogeo5237d ago (Edited 5237d ago )

Nintendo took a risk with Virtual Boy, and lost, remember that flop? Nintendo took a risk with WII, and its a smash hit. So good for you Sony keep taking risks because that the only real difference between you and Microsoft. Always playing it safe.

Also I tired of people talking about Sony going out of biz. Thats just dumb. It would take a commit the size of Florida to go off course and crash into us to drive a company of that size out. Huge corporations like Sony and Microsoft, GM, and Ford Downsize when times are bad then grow when things get better. So let PS3 fail. Hell, let PS4 fail. and Minidisk and Betamax. Sony will keep making systems into there is another smash hit. I don't see Microsoft giving up anytime soon either.

Rasulis5237d ago

Sony really isn't taking a risk overall. They're offering some thing that is very similar to the PS2. The only risk they took is using Blue ray as the format and thus jacking up the cost of the PS3 to unreasonable levels.

GrooveChampion5237d ago

Out of curiousity Rasulis, how is the PS3 very similar to the PS2? In terms of a gaming platform, I suppose, but other than that, how?

TheMART5237d ago

And sometimes Sony

You just made the wrong choices in hardware components to be the best gaming device.

Good @ folding probably, but bad for the games


Sony are hardly taking risks.... new killzone, new MGS, new Final Fantasy, new Ratchet....

oh yeah... revolutionary... * yawns *

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