UK Charts: PS3 storms the top ten

After hardware sales saw Sony's PS3 achieve record success in the UK, it's not surprising to see software for the new home console also bedding into the all-formats charts.

Insomniac's Resistance: Fall of Man and Evolution Studios's Motorstorm take the number one and two positions respectively, scoring hits for first-party development.

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gooner4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

my two favourite next gen games topping the charts and so does the best cricket batsman EVER and my fellow countryman as u can tell by the dp topping the charts.

come on west indies

Bathyj4761d ago

Quite impressive for PS3 to hit the top of the charts already. Sure you'd expect a rush of sales but to hit the top against larger userbases is pretty good. I dont expect them to stay up there but. Not til more PS3's get sold.

techie4761d ago

Exclusive games sell. SOny's first party sell. They have made some clever desicions this gen. They will make lots of money from 1st/2nd party they can fund even more.

scarlett_rg4761d ago

Well that's somewhat impressive.

However, obviously the "best" PS3 games so far are going to outsell the majority of Xbox and Wii games which "aren't the best" those consoles have to offer released over the same time. And obviously newly released games (which happens to be every PS3 game) are going to outsell games that have been out for a while. And obviously people are going to buy games with a new system.

In summary. Did we expect anything different? What would be news is if the top selling games WEREN'T for the PS3.

techie4761d ago

Scarlett...dont think it's been the same elsewhere? Have any games got on top in the states or Japan? All I remember was VF5 sneaking on and Gundam Musou sneaking on...maybe I missed the news before that.

Maddens Raiders4761d ago

to scoff at the effort that Evolution put forth with Motorstorm and I can tell you that these people don't love the challenge of high stakes racing or just plainly can't stand to see anything good on a Sony branded product. RFOM speaks for itself and was a very, very good launch title imo. But Motorstorm offers me the kind of replayability on a system which has (as embarrassing as it can be) found me daydreaming of new ways to attack different courses with different machines to increase my already Legendary status on the leaderboards. I can tell you all that Jin Kizama is great competition along with spAcetoilet and even 'ol alithewise aint half bad -- N4G contributors, all.

In conclusion this is great news for the 'ol PS brand and these two studio's have to be absolutely loving life right about now. Motorstorm 2 and Resistance: Rise of Man are going (let me state the obvious) to be super-massive titles & I can't wait. But in the meantime, these games have given PS3 owners more than enough good reasons to be happy about their purchase. Cheers.

FeralPhoenix4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

hmmm, I thought Scarlett's comments made perfect sense, and I don't think its "hating" to add creditable comments to the topic....and deepbrown I think the difference is that those games are available at launch with no competition since both the 360 and the Wii have both already been released in Europe and of course if you are buying a PS3 then you are likely to buy at least 1 of what is considered by most to be the 2 best other words shouldn't we expect them to be at the top of the charts in Europe where Sony just launched? I don't think pointing this out can be called "hating" on those games. Why post if we are all going to just agree with each other? -I enjoy the different points of view.

[Edit] yeah you're right deepbrown, your comments were not "hating" and you were asking a legitimate my comments about hating weren't intended for you, actually I wasn't even saying that Madden was "hating" I was just pointing out that his title and post assumed somehow that (Im guessing) he thought Scarlett's comments were "hateful", which I disagreed with. -Thats all.

techie4761d ago

Feral. i didn't hate :( I just wondered whether it was ever the same in the US or Japan to have 4 first party sony games in the top 10. To me it was a surprise...but hey ho monkeyo...if I am wrong that's cool.

kornbeaner4761d ago

What scarlett said is a valid point, But no where else during the time of launch did a PS3 game take the top-spot. Understood is the fact that it is a new system, but in the U.S. that didn't stop Gears of War from outselling any launch title for the PS3. With all the bad press the PS3 was getting with the EM chip being taken out and BC not being as robust, for PS3 software to nab the top-spot is really somewhat unexpected.

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