LIVE Activity for week of April 20th

Xbox 360 Top Live Titles (based on UU's)

1 Halo 3
2 Call of Duty: WaW
3 Call of Duty 4
4 Gears of War 2
5 Left 4 Dead
7 UFC 2009 Undisputed Demo
9 FIFA 09
10 Halo Wars

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida4093d ago

The 360 truly has no line-up for 2009 as expected.It seems like a barren desert for the 360 now,before it was just a junkyard.

Man_of_the_year4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

Your're a pathetic sad individual.

Seems like you Droids are still bitter that halo 3 is still destroying anything on the PS3 with it continuous online demand and replayability

What are the PSN numbers huh? what is the #1 game played on the PSN and how many are playing it...give me a top 10 games played on PSN.

Ya i didn't think you could. Because Sony knows it will be discouraging to their user-base and future potential buyers to give out that kind of information.

Elvfam5114093d ago

Halo 3 was rather boring to me (the multiplayer part) the coop was fun as hell but eh but most Xbox 360 love it so yeah and what is halo 3 destroying on the ps3

Eiffel4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

You just got Killzowned.


KionicWarlord2224093d ago

Halo 3 been back at top for awhile now.


happyface4093d ago

Halo owns all - nothing else comes close to it

4093d ago
DelbertGrady4093d ago

I guess I played Halo 3 last night then. I can swear I was playing Gears of War 2, but since the 360 doesn't have any games other than Halo 3 it's not even possible.

4093d ago
iDystopia4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

lol sad PS3 fanboys. They are Hell bent on trying to make Xbox 360 owners believe we have no games, although we have 240 more games to choose from on the 360. Not to mention the best versions of 95% of games released.

So funny.

Sony Jedi mind tricks don't work on people this generation bro.

Eiffel4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

So Lord Shuhei Yoshida, what PS3 title do you play that has a just as good online activ...ohh that's right, nevermind.

Halo3 MLG Pro4093d ago

Just wait till Killzone 2 comes out and it's going to destroy Halo 3....oh wait* Nevermind :(

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Socomer 19794093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

the main character played by steven carrel mentioned that he plays halo 2 & its all he plays when he's alone. the movie was hilarious So I checked out halo 2 and thought it was okay. I bought halo 3 because i was thinking it would be even more but no. Its halo 2 all over again. Biggest dissapointment in my gaming career.

Are they going to celebrate halo 3 being the most played game on 360 every month for the next 3 years? its not like the 360 has anything else worth playing. what happened microsoft?

oh and man of the year, playstation aint all about numbers dude. its about games. want to know who's playing what? buy a ps3 and ask them in home jacka$$.

Eiffel4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

You seem really desperate to think that the PS3 has anything close to Halo 3 when it comes to online.

Hell I've seen more PS3-user online activity on N4G, let alone PSN.

Killzowned, count it.

Dread4093d ago


that was so funny. It is also true .. more sony fans troll n4g than play psn.

DevastationEve4093d ago

halo3 owns because of tight FPS gameplay and superb online multiplayer.

the REAL meaning of gaming over graphics. and bungie STILL delivered on graphics anyway. the game shines even today.

i love gears 2 as well! the maps are just incredible and the combat is brutal.

annex on tyro station is still my favorite paradox. gotta get to the ring...uh oh, train coming!

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