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Most bizarre video games of all time

The video game industry has a rich past filled with random weirdness. Arguably the most popular arcade game in history featured an anthropomorphic yellow hockey puck that ate dots and fruit while running away from ghosts with names like Blinky and Clyde.

But every once in a while, a video game comes along that's so over-the-top strange that one has to assume that every person on the development team was on hallucinogens from sunup to sundown. This is a tribute to those products: the Nine Most Bizarre Video Games of All Time.

With so many trippy games to choose from, we focused on titles that were actually kind of fun to play. We also avoided licensed titles, such as Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball or Kool-Aid Man, which hopefully will get their own Top Nine list some day.

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