Dead Space Violence Won't Be "watered down" for Wii

VG247: "Worried Dead Space: Extraction's violence will be diluted for Wii? Fret no more. It isn't.

"We're definitely not planning to water it down at all for the Wii, but again, we're not going to add in shock value just to have that," the game's exec producer, Steve Papoutsis, told VG247 in London last week."

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LONEWOLF2314092d ago

no the violence wont be watered down just the game

nycredude4092d ago

I would be surprised if this game sold well, given that the demographics of the Wii isn't exactly fans of this type of game.

spunnups4092d ago

This game is destined to be a failure.

Pixel_Addict4092d ago

but the graphics will be watered down. I mean, there will be gore, but who cares when its just pixelated indistinguishable blocks.