Noby Noby Boy's Keita Takahashi

Eurogamer: Keita Takahashi's PSN game Noby Noby Boy is updated today, gaining offline multiplayer support for four players, as well as improved sound and music and a few other novel features. We jumped at the opportunity to have another chat with the eccentric creator about the game we think is an absurdist masterpiece, even if it is just us. Below, Takahashi details the multiplayer, the unique linguistic flatulence features of the update, the iPhone version he revealed in his amazing GDC presentation, and more.

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FreestyleBarnacle3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Sweet. Offline multiplayer. So rare these days.

Also "For example: two players are playing, each of them controlling one BOY. Each BOY gets cut in half, the BOY of player one can eat the bottom part of the BOY of player two and become a mix of both BOYs.

If the head of the BOY of player one and the bottom part of the BOY of player two are combined, the BOY of player one can eat the BOY of player two, poop it out, etc... This kind of combination play becomes necessary. When talking about combination, I know that people are going to ask: what is this all about?

The truth is, I just want to confuse players. If the heads and bottom parts of four players are all mixed together, nobody will understand which on is which one, and things will become almost impossible to understand."

micro_invader3487d ago

Hahahaha!! /lame laugh

That sounds like good fun, although it'll have to wait :(