Simpsons Writer Loves the Wii And Recommends the Xbox 360

J. Stewart Burns,with The Simpsons, talked on IGN TV. He talked about how much he loved the Nintendo Wii. In fact he was very eager to say that the Wii just blew him away. He started out easy with Wii Sports tennis with his wife, then moved over to bowling without slipping a disc. Soon he moved on to the mainstream games such as Zelda: Twilight Princess.

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overrated4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

oh another article for the 360 fanboys to juice over.

To the below

Clap Clap no wonder your mum calls you special :)


your name matches your display picture :P

Back on topic - doesnt matt groening write the simpsons? No wonder the new series are sucking more and more

kewlkat0074315d ago

Your certainly right about that picture...

Ok it official, I'm gonna purchase a Wii. I was gonna hold out and buy Zelda for the GameCube, which has been collecting dust..but I had fun playing the Wii the other night. Oh yea after a couple of drinks, Bowling was great. If this guy recommends it then I'll buy it. Now where can I find one?

fjtorres4315d ago

Japan. :-)
Nintendo is taking care of business where it matters most to them, first.
Time enough to fight MS for "first to $199" later in the year; for now their obvious plan is to bury PS3 as a force in Japan.
Wouldn't be surprised if they were diverting boxes from NorthAm and Europe to Japan to make sure they nail the home market down.

mandrake4315d ago

His opinion matters about as much as everbody else's here. Try stuff out and get what you want.

SmokeyMcBear4315d ago

Simpsons did it, Simpson's did it.... you have to watch south park to get it.

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