RACE On - New screenshots

SimBin published some new screenshots from RACE On.

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Mandaspt4090d ago

And this is a bad or a good thing?

retrofly4090d ago

Graphics look better, but still a little flat.

When Simbin release a game its always a good thing :)

trgz4090d ago

I've enjoyed SimBin stuff from their early days of GTR mods for EA's F1 series, and to the split/formation of Blimey! Games (or whatever went on there).
Their graphics have always been pretty good, though not as 'pretty' as some of the consoles, and the repeated road textures are mildly off-putting, but it's totally acceptable when you realise just how spot-on their Sims are (just playing with the MoTec software with GTR will waste your life away!).
This looks as good ever but not offering anything sufficiently improved for me to bother (they can't get the physics any better than GTR2, right?) especially as it appears to be only an expansion to Race '07.

hotrider124090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

the graphic looks good an all but damn!! it looks like NFS shift and grand turismo prologue ....graphic wise

Dimitri4090d ago

More like Gran Turismo 4 graphics..

Revvin4090d ago

I wish they would finally drop the gMotor engine and push on with a new series based on the Lizard engine that powered RACE Pro on the 360.

retrofly4089d ago

I've moved onto rFactor recently but only due to the amount of vehicles you can drive.

The physics are spot on, but the graphics could do with updating.