Xbox 360 Elite production shots

Here are some pictures that are reported to be of the production line in China of the Xbox 360 Elite. They were taken with a cellphone so the shots aren't of the highest quality.

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Droidbro4313d ago

the photo time stamp is over a month ago, there should be quite a few made by now

MrFurious4313d ago

Indeed reality is that M$ is tryin to say:
"ohh my dear, sorry we made mistake with our X360, we 'd love to match PS3 specs but I'm afraid it is too late, so let's sell a new toy with same color ad try to kick a$$ of customers!"

Hey thank you Bill&Co for delivering such a poorly provided system obliging us to stay at past level.
Pfff I just beleive since beginning that only true pro-consumer behavior is on Sony side: they waited long before shipping a very reliable system, with advanced feature as Blu-ray, HDMI, real OS, upgradable HDD, free online gaming, powerful system that will provide fantastic games when developpers will master it, long-term strategy (as PS1 and PS2), "at-home" dev kits with Linux, a real investment, not as M$ who doesn't know how to do!
That is simple as that.

Skizelli4313d ago

Spoken like a true fanboy, MrFurious.


Oooo... I like the finish on the HDD, though I dont like the racial implications of this black 360.

I think its slightly unfair to insinuate that BLACK 360's have BIGGER HARDDRIVES than WHITE 360's

JOLLY14313d ago

That is probably the funniest thing I've read in a while!

Marriot VP4313d ago

that's some good stuff charcon, way to connect the dots

And anyways, it's not the size of the HDD, it's what you can do with the RAMM

power of Green 4313d ago

Good one and to you also Paul.

power of Green 4313d ago

Good one and to you also Paul. The only bad thing is we'll see a hole new series of 360/PS3 comparison posts.

ASSASSYN 36o4313d ago

I`m a black male and heck I thought that was funny. I will be up-grading my 360 and shedding my clear 360 for a better system for joy joy happiness and xbox-live killing, explotation, and systematic destruction of any opposing idiots with my clan Hell-Jumpers.

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I hear these new black 360's run faster too, with the new 65mm chips :p

Says you4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

Any thing on the 65nm proseccor only the size. you guys are still getting ripped off no matter how you think of it or view it cause this next gen this is just getting ridiculous.

sparco4313d ago

Its 65nm (nanometer) not mm (millimeter). And FYI, havin the board smaller means that there is less circuitry for the information to run through, making it run cooler, last longer, and (maybe) increase the speed a little bit.

deadeyes994313d ago

cool i can't wait for this