1UP: New Resident Evil News Coming in April

On April 12th, Capcom will hold a spring press event to start talking about projects they have lined up for the rest of 2007 -- and will probably be a first look at Devil May Cry 4 running on Xbox 360. But what about the Resident Evil series? Capcom's been mum outside of the half-second glance of Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles on Wii and Resident Evil 5 news has been nothing but suggesting the game's really far off.

And the firth sequel probably still is, but Christian Svensson, Capcom USA's senior director of strategic planning and research told a Capcom message board user he would be "slightly pleased and slightly disappointed" if he was expecting news on both Resident Evil games. Considering Resident Evil 5's probably the more ambitious of the two games and not expected to be released until 2008, a real look into the Wii game seems more likely.

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Rasputin20114758d ago

I really cant wait untill we get more screens and info regarding Resident Evil 5 along with a release date.

Violater4758d ago

Though I agree with you, I think this is one of the games that has run its course in my book and should be put to bed soon.
Make way for more original IP, take a look at the premise behind possession. Its a different take on the whole undead theme.

Rasputin20114758d ago (Edited 4758d ago )

Possesion looks good and Violater you should also check out Left 4 Dead it seems to be a mixture of George A Romero's Land of the Dead and 28 days later....with 4 co-op as Human players and an additional 4 players can play online as infected..It sounds like it will rock or atleast I hope so.

r10004758d ago

Violater i was thinking the same thing about RE.....

UNTIL... I played RE 4 on the wii.... that was agreat game.. and kinda gave it a new feeling. Now I can't wait for RE 5

Blasphemy4757d ago

R100 you may be dissapointed then because RE5 is not made by the same developer who made RE4.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4758d ago

highly unlikely, but you never know!?

kewlkat0074758d ago

Zombie movies and games just keep getting resurected. They will never Die.(No Pun) There is something about Zombies that keep gamers and movie goes coming back. They go silent for like 3-4 years then Boom a great movie or games come out and all the sudden you see an influx of the same.

I stopped playing this series after Code Veronica for the Dreamcast. I was getting sick of the Control system. Have they changed it yet?

I need Syphon Filter/Splinter Cell Type control scheme.

This game sold PSones...

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