Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Is The Favorite For Game Of The Year

PSXE: "It's usually a bad idea to make predictions, but as we've scrutinized the list of titles scheduled for 2009 - and we've done it more than once - we're starting to think that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves will run away with many Game of the Year awards from various major publications once the year is over."

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jkhan3459d ago

Well if they pull off the same level of story, pacing, AI and characters like Uncharted 1, it is my game of the year already. & if they can do multiplayer at the level of gears (i.e, without bugs and glitches) and minimal lag then I am all for it. I guess Uncharted 2 is Sony's answer to Gears 2. I really hope they can pull it off.
By the way did anyone notice the water animation in the new trailer when drake runs through water, it looked absolutely epic.

FPShooter3459d ago

I agree. I'm confident that ND can make it happen. This is my most anticipated title so i'm praying it comes out at least as good as the first one (which was perfect in my opinion).

I also think that their are a lot of contenders for goty coming from SONY'S camp.

sack_boi3459d ago

Here we go again, the N4G hype train.

Ninver3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Uncharted 2 motherf###er!!!! This game has got GOTY 09 written all over it.

Those who don't get this masterpiece are EPIC FAILURES.

jammy_703459d ago

but here comes the hype.... is that good or sad? =/

jwatt3459d ago

Uncharted will be a big contender but you also can't forget about Modern Warfare 2.

The Matrix3459d ago

Now hold one (*#@ing minute. I'm a huge Uncharted fan but you're forgetting about two certain games coming out this year: Mass Effect 2 and Assassin's Creed 2.

joydestroy3459d ago

most of the gamers around here are looking more forward to the SP campaign but i'm actually going to enjoy that MP more.

sooo many great games this's more ridiculous than last year honestly.

GameGambits3459d ago

GOTY Contenders:
Bioshock 2
Modernwarfare 2
Heavy Rain
God of War 3
Uncharted 2
Assassin's Creed 2(maybe. it's a huge improvement over #1 on paper)
Killzone 2
Ratchet and Clank
Max Payne 3(Never know)
Mass Effect 2(Thought Bioware said early 2010 at GDC '09 though)
Street Fighter 4(I don't think so, but others would disagree with me)
Batman AA(Eidos says it's gonna be INSANELY good...who knows)

That list is strong. Really strong. Compared to 2008 with half that size maybe where people could all agree where as this year I think at least 90% of that list everyone can surmize has the potential for GOTY. Games in that list all easily have potential as the best in their genre for the year.

2009 up to this point is nothing but Sony. Sure you got multiplats, but if you don't own a console would you really want a 360 with Sony's list of game exclusives worth being excited for toppling the competitions list by leaps and bounds?

3459d ago
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PSP23459d ago

so long as the singleplayer is like uncharted 1 and the multiplayer is better than gears of war 2(shouldnt be hard to make it better just make it work and voila)then uncharted 2 will be a great playStation 3 game

TheHater3459d ago

And I cannot wait for this baby. But if God of War 3 is release this year then it will be God of War 3 for me. If God of War 3 isn't, and WKC is, then it is going to be WKC for me. If neither God of War 3 and WKC are release this year, then it is going to be either Infamous or Uncharted 2 for me.
Hell I am happy that I get to add all four of these games to my collection.

Hell I forgot about Ratchet and Clank, MAG, Heavy Rain, and Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. That 7 games I will be getting for sure this year and I am sure I will probable get about another 10 by the time the year is up.

cmrbe3459d ago

favourite new IP this gen. Actually VC is equal with Uncharted.

Uncharted is the first game i played that made me feel like playing a great adventure blockbuster movie with excellent gameplay, graphics, story with no loading time.

The Sp for uncharted was just devine.

now with the extra focus on co-op and MP. I must say that i am dissapointed with this news. Uncharted is one game that should just completely focus on creating the best possible SP they could muster. With this news it seems like N.D has bowed to peoples pressure on them to provide MP and co-op when they know very well that Uncharted is a game best suited for SP only.

Look i can't help but feel like N.D will make the same mistake as I.G did with R2 which is trying to do too much and ending up loosing what made uncharted unique and special.

I never like online games. I have always been a traditional Sp gamer that only enjoyed Sp games only. I don't get it. Isn't KZ2 and multiple of other online games not enough for you online gaming freaks?.

I just really hope that ND is good enough to pull it off.

Ju3459d ago

I was once like you, enjoying SP only. But that has changed recently. Just because a game has a great MP doesn't mean it can't have a great campaign. I have beating R2 now 3x, and possibly have to play it again to get some trophies. None the less, the co-op mp is the best there is, so far. They broke with their old story, and I wished they'd go back to their roots, but the SP is still great, IMO. KZ2, same. I finished the campaign just once, I'm have way through the second time. But the reason why that's slow is, a) I have to many games, b) I don't have enough time and c) the time I have the MP eats up right now.

MP is great fun if you have 30 minutes at hand. Jump into a game, enjoy and get out again. SP takes time. I enjoy both, sometimes the campaign more, sometime MP. Depends on the game.

I think UC2 won't loose anything by adding MP. It'll just add 3x the value to the game. Co-Op with the proven game play ? Quick matches online ? And still a full (or even longer?) campaign ? They hired more people to fit that all in. Its not that they sacrificed anything.

belal3459d ago

about killzone 2 ? the game thats M******CKING awesome!

but i predict it will be: Uncharted vs killzone 2 vs Heavy rain vs ( maybe) assasins creed 2.

these are the top contenders, and if mag gets a release date this year, it maY BE THE TOP CONTENDER FOR goty,

evrfighter3459d ago


oh wait. That trains boarded and left already. Though it's gonna be entertaining when the uncharted 2 hype train is in full steam.

And no before u start. I don't own a 360

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