Sony UK Didn't Call Americans 'Cheap'

There is no public relations machine more picked apart than Sony's. The company asks for the jabs sometimes, but in an age of copy-and-paste communication and infinitely expanding anonymous message boards, a poor choice of words instantly transforms into an Internet mockery -- a viral problem not limited to Sony, but one they've dealt with constantly in the past year or so.

And so when Sony's UK managing director Ray Maguire sat down with to discuss the differences between the company's approach to pricing and promotion PlayStation 3 in Europe and the United States, Maguire probably wishes he could take back this comment, given how differently it can be misconstrued:

"If you take what's considered to be the most expensive and the least expensive -- consider the US with its massive land and cheap people. Then you look at the UK -- a little island where rent and rates are at an absolute premium, and the cost of people is a lot more. The cost of retail is vastly more in the UK than it is in the US and that's before you even stop to consider the US doesn't have VAT at RRP, they put a small amount on afterwards. Whereas, we get stung by 17.5 per cent. And pity the poor Irish and places like Sweden."

On its face, it appears Maguire's accusing Americans of being cheap -- but he's not. Reading between his verbal misstep, he simply meant the cost of living and labor in the two countries are different, a theory Sony Computer Entertainment America confirmed with 1UP this morning. Minimum wage in the UK is 5.25 GBP, roughly $10/hour in USD, versus $5.15 in the US (ignoring the current push for an increased wage) -- wouldn't that make us, essentially, "cheaper?"

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OldSchoolGamer4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

These executives need to keep quiet so they stop tasting their own shoe polish.

Ps30074759d ago

Dont worry Sony not everyone is moron... ^

overrated4759d ago

its true americans are fuking cheap and arogant.

USMChardcharger4759d ago

yeah we are so arrogant and else would you describe a country that gives more aid to other countries than anyone else. thanks overrated

gooner4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

but usmchardcharger u obviously don't know what your talking about america gives money to poor countries but america also exploit a much larger amount of funds from that country true "CAPITALISM".and every one $1 america gives to charity lemme show you how its divided .apparently an accountant is needed 50cents(american) then to transfer the funds 25 cents american bank,the other twentyfive cents is either given to the country or buy equipment to supply the country.
and guess where they are bought

USMChardcharger4759d ago

I am not sure what you just said. but don't tell me i don't know about own country.

you are also not considering the overwhelming amount of charity work done by non profit organization here. especially churches.

my home town, Enterprise Alabama is receiving some of that charity right now.

i don't see anyone attacking other countries here...but it sure seems to be a free for all on Americans. why can't everyone keep it on games?

btw, i think it is arrogant to tell some one they don't know what they are talking about when it comes to their own country...i would never pretend to know more than you guys about your places of origin.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4759d ago

FU<K AND YOU, Arrogant Prick!

bee24274759d ago

just because our country gives financial aid doesnt mean the individiuals in our country arent cheap

SmokeyMcBear4759d ago

dude we're cheap.. its ok to admit it, just look at ford and chevy, walmart and target, its ok to be frugal. I still love this country, you can come up from nothing and live the big time. All I know is, if it wasnt for us... Europe would be nazi land, USA USA USA... and to quote one of my favorite movies TEAM AMERICA

AMERICAAAAA F&CK YEAH... come to save the motherf&ckin day.. AMERICA F&CK YEAH

ElementX4759d ago

Blah blah blah, America is cheap... Well, talk to the dead pilgrims who came here for freedoms they didn't have back home. Talk to the dead American Revolution soldiers who died to give the US independence from England. It's not our fault we're no longer British. Whatever. You want arrogant, talk to the French :)

dantesparda4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

The level of ignorance by half of you Americans is astronomical. Yes, it is true that America gives more money in actual dollar amounts to other countries, when compared to other countries. But percentage wise, it actually gives less than alot of other countries. And thats a fact! So for example, lets say, that you have $10 and and give $1 dollar, that's 10% of your money, that you've just given. But if you have a $100 and you give $5, that's only 5%. So yes, you gave more, but you arent as generous as the other guy, who while giving less, is giving you a bigger chunk of his money. So America does actually give less in percentage -wise than other countries do. And im American, and i know for a fact this country is cheap, its the truth, and if you dont like it, well then to bad. Go talk sh!t about or something, i know you's will.

And to USM whateva the fvck you name is, why do you act so defensive towards America? and crying "victim"? you have that America is always so innocent syndrome, and can do now wrong, and its always everybody else fault, right? Poor victimized America right? Get the fvck out of here, and go ahead and ignore me like the little b1tch that you are. You are only proving my point even more.

Lol! its funny cuz you missed it the first time, but better a Crazy Cat with a gun, gunning down all you mofo's than what you got, sorry, kid, but at least lose the smile and put on a more serious look, and it might make you look less fruity. And p.s. I took out the line, because i felt bad after i read your response. But at least your response was honest and i respect that. And i have one bubble because of all Xbox 360 fanatics/fanboys on this site. And if you say anything even remotely bad about the 360 then BOOM! you lose your bubbles and i own the 360 and dont have a PS3. But i gotta tell you, its better having only one bubble, cuz then you feel like you can say anything you want without worry of repercussion. And another word of advice, if you dont want people to think you're [email protected] then you shouldnt be worrying about what another guy looks like, just some advice. But i get mad @ss, all the time, so i aint worried about my looks

ElementX4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

A gay skinhead? What do you look like? Mr. One-Bubble? You hide behind a stupid icon.

I really don't give a f_ck about my country. Yes I live in the US, but screw it. All they do is lie, cheat, and steal. There are cover-ups (Roswell, 9/11, Watergate, the list goes on) It's a sad place I live in. Anyway, I'm a gamer, I don't follow politics, and frankly I just don't care. As long as I have a place to live, food, clothing, water, the necessities of life, plus a few modern conveniences, a job, i'm happy.

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darx4759d ago

That is exactly what he meant to say.

Black Republican4759d ago


you not only have to defend what other companies say about your products/services etc..

But you also have to defend your own comments and statements.

not the first time, not the last time.

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