Diehard GameFAN: The Chronicles of Riddick Review

Overall, Assault on Dark Athena should at least be commended for giving up so much content for its price tag, even though the real jewel here is a five year old award-winning game that sports a new face-lift. Though Riddick remains only a hair's breadth away from sci-fi parody in terms of its plot and dialogue, the design work does a great job of following in the footsteps of the filthy fascist future crafted by H.R. Giger for David Lynch's fantastic mess, Dune.

It's just a shame that Starbreeze spent the time to chuck Riddick into a decent new game engine, but couldn't be bothered to come up with anything on par with Butcher Bay's "shank a guy for being a snitch in the future" ultra-fun motif.

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