Games Abyss: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories First Look

The welcoming words are spoken by Dr. K, psychiatrist to the original Silent Hill protagonist, Harry Mason. Listening to his psychiatrist speak, the player is treated to images of Harry's daughter Cheryl, as he cries out to her. The psychiatrist continues to speak as the visions continue and suddenly the truth becomes clear; Harry's daughter is missing. This isn't déjà vu, and it is not a remake. This isn't the Silent Hill of 10 years ago with a fresh coat of next-gen paint slapped onto it. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a complete reconstruction of Konami's classic horror tale. If you even think for a moment that you know what to expect, guess again.

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Sharpshell3462d ago

I def intruiged and maybe even a little excited for this game... please konami give me a reason to play my wii again!

ThanatosDMC3462d ago

I'd rather have it remade on the PS360 rather than the wii. Mainly because i sold it and the it'd probably look better on the next gen consoles. Also, wouldnt it be awesome to have more unlockable weapons? Other than the katana and chainsaw i used the gun with the laser sight. I forgot what it was called...

JHUX3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Damn, I'm going to have to borrow someone's Wii for this, Love Silent Hill games :D

I actually hear it will be ported to the ps2, so I may be in luck.

ikral3462d ago

...but nice tits. And Glasses, too.