Build a Mac Pro and save $1,665.15 on "Apple's Tax" rip-off

BSN: "The purpose of this article is building a 64-bit capable machine for use with Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection. Our focus is fast performance in Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Originally, we decided to upgrade our RED-powered Video Production Studio with another Octal-Core system with the latest Intel Xeon 5500 processors [Nehalem-EP, you can read our review of the platform in Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV], since we already have two Octal-Core Xeon 5400 [45nm Harpertown] Mac Pros.

However, going through the website, something else got our attention. That "something else" was Newegg.Com, an e-tail store that sells a motherboard with an on-board Serial Attached SCSI [SAS] controller. We decided to play around with building the system, and we ended up shocked at the price difference. We will probably end up on "Banned list" on CNBC, but if you're an interested professional or a technology enthusiast, read on."

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