Record-breaking 165,000 PS3s sold at UK launch

"ChartTrack has confirmed that 165,000 PS3 units were sold during the console's launch weekend."

"PS3's record-breaking debut for a home console comfortably beats the previous top seller Nintendo Wii, which sold 105,000 after its frantic launch weekend in December last year. Fellow format rival Xbox 360 racked up an estimated 70,000 at launch in December 2005."

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GaMr-4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

These articles go back and fourth....all day long... I will still wait for official numbers...

But when I say this... I get attacked by Fanboys like

Jason Xg1:
2.3 - "I refuse to acknowledge these articles anymore."
Why because this paints a negative light for the PS3. “I refuse to accept negative news about the PS3 nananana bobobobobo I’m not listening nononono it’s not true. “For every 1 of these fud articles their is 5 "PS3 is selling Great” <---Prove this is 1 to 5 because all most of the news I ever see is dusty PS3s on shelves. Just as allways GaMr your a freaking lier.

You allready been "pwned" everytime by me and I warned you about accusing me of taking your bubbles. Now I will take them.

Oh GAMR GAMR GAMR dont like me saying your name go sign a petition or something and whine with the other 5000 Sony fans. Dont like me pwning you here I'll help you take some money go to ToysRUS and go where the board games are and buy yourself a CLUE. Dude please I been slaping you around this site the first moment you joined here do some research you know R E S E A R C H

Jason xg1<--- proud 360 fanboy.
GayMr <--- N4G.Com Contributor stalked by JasonXg1 and his fanboy camp.

Now please... someone tell me im wrong about this genre of articles....
Tell me they dont go back and fourth and contradict themselves...

Tell me JasonXg1 is not secretly in love with me...

Edit: Fine im wrong according to the guy below me. Back on topic....

Good news for Sony....And Im happy this is confirmed by "charttrackers" not some one employee in some 1 random branch of a major retailer about Saturday and Sunday sales. ; )

Kyur4ThePain4756d ago

Now, will you shut up, or at least stay on topic?

Geohound4755d ago

- Keep your comments relevant to the news story.
- Personal attacks on other members will not be tolerated and will result in temp or permanent ban.

i rule4756d ago

when you have perks like free tvs, their bound to sell

Raist4756d ago

So 100 TV's given to the first buyers in one store explains 165k sells ?

Good try, but no xD

techie4756d ago

especially when they werent told about it. If they had I would have been at the virgin launch! I'm actually quite bitter about that...thinking of not buying a ps3 just because of that lame giveaway. The b*stards

Tut4756d ago

deep, don't you know? Apparently Sony just held a press conference and told everyone that they will be randomly giving away a 46" Bravia LCD HDTV's alongside a PS3 purchase. The odds are roughly 1 in 10,000!

Turns out it wasn't just a launch affair!!!

Note: In case you missed it... that was HEAVY sarcasm. =)

Antan4756d ago

Exellent figures, wonder what the "attach rate" is? I bought 4 games, optical cable and Blue Ray remote. I already had a QED hdmi cable.

Premonition4756d ago

Wonderful news, let the haters hate, cause they cant do nothin about it, now this means sony can kinda relax and focus on Software and the PS store since PS3 is pretty much launched every where and they have the units already to pack stores when ever needed.

Black Republican4756d ago

"now this means sony can kinda relax and focus on Software"
But I also want to focus on games, I should be getting a PS3 VERY SOON : )

I agree this is great news, but I see it more as a sigh and a sign of relief. PS3 still have how many million to catch up to Wii??? and how much more million to catch up with X360

power of Green 4756d ago

I wouldn't take this as a sign of any demand trend all this means PS3s numbers were available vs Wii and 360. lol

techie4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

Saw it coming POG. Saw it coming :)

I will say this. It is a good sign. £425, bad press, lower bc...massive sales. They speak for themselves POG. If you don't want to compare then that's fine. But the point about having so many units is so they can sell...and not fall for this "they're arent any there..." in order to raise hype.

Ps. there's already another shipment for the ps3 there will be no shortages. Meaning more sales.

Pog I dont doubt your Wii prediction.

power of Green 4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

I wouldn't take this as a sign of any demand trend all this means PS3s numbers were available vs Wii and 360. lol

Stop twisting i was saying these numbers dont mean the demand for PS3 is any higher than Wii and 360 due to availability of the other two consoles, I wouldn't expect anything less from you. hehe

fenderputty4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

That's some good numbers there. It's been a funny weekend. Glad something official finally came to the surface.

Of course you wouldn't take the sales to mean demand. I wouldn't expect anything less from you.

otherZinc4756d ago

I dont believe a word of this. Everywhere you went, the PS3 didnt sell well and now Its the greatest,? No. This is garbage, Ill wait for more proof.

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