165,000 PS3's sold in UK

The PlayStation 3 has sold a whopping 165,000 units in the UK since it's launch on Friday 23rd of March 2007. This means the system comes in at second place due to the PSP selling over 185,000 during it's launch weekend in September 2005.

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techie4752d ago

Although lovely news...and is definately impressive since it is March and not Christmas...there's no source for this information...I think we better wait for something more official.

Raist4752d ago

Damn, just posted this news too, ho well :P


"ChartTrack has confirmed that 165,000 PS3 units were sold during the console's launch weekend."

Here's your source

gooner4752d ago

hope that wipes the grin off peters face

StrboyM4752d ago

but i can say most of that was due to hype, and anticipation. sony now has to show that its real. and your going to get what you pay for....good job sony. but its a long road ahead. lets go!