IGN: Free Realms Hands-On

The free-to-play market is booming business in the MMO industry. Not only are foreign companies porting over their popular F2P titles and localizing them for an American audience, but homegrown companies are now starting to cut out pieces of that pie for themselves. One of these companies, Sony Online Entertainment, has been developing Free Realms for quite some time. Free Realms is an MMORPG whose target audience falls in the younger spectrum. It combines casual gaming, RPG combat, tradeskills and a trading card game into one experience. The game world is a whimsical, fictional and cartoon-like environment.

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Myst3488d ago

This one is okay if you like killing time and just wanting to do something. I'm in the beta right now and will say that it feels kind of "stale" compared to other MMOs, but then again it's not really marketed toward those gamers who like doing things to the hardest level or what not. Though I will admit I can waste at least an hour or two on the game alone and it doesn't always have to be walking from one place to the next.

Kart racing is fun, so is the Demolition Derby, that's pretty much all I've started to enjoy with the game. Fighting I didn't care for nor cooking. I get that enough in XI with the cooking itself, crafting and tons of fighting. Though in my opinion it's worth checking out for at least tan hour and a half to two hours. So you can get past the tutorial (which you can't speed through) and to get some of the starting things done

snaz273488d ago

ok i like the fact that sony try to cater for every demographic... its cool that they want to bring games that some group of people will like... but this kiddie mmo i just dont get really... for 1 how many little kiddies have a ps3? i mean its like 300 quid now even that is too expensive for some hardcore gamers let alone for some parents to buy their young child surely thats what the wii is for?... now im in no way saying the ps3 isnt worth 300 quid... damn right it is but i just question how many young kids have 1... secondly out of the minority of kids that might be lucky enough to have a ps3 how many of them are hooked up to the net? and for the ones that are hooked up to the net how many of their parents will be willing to give them 5 quid a month to play a game? i think when you whittle all that down it will be a rather small number if you ask me... yeah more games the better but come on sony hit your demographic dont even bother with the casual sh!t as nintendo has that wrapped up.

T-What3488d ago

its on the PC to so you don't have to buy a PS3 to play it. I hope it takes off so they make The Agency free but I guess we will have to wait and see.

snaz273488d ago

yeah i know its on the pc aswell but im talking from the console perspective... it being on the pc is just another reason for sony not to have it on the ps3 in my book... im just saying why even bother having it as its aimed at the wrong audience... and also i think that if it does take off it will have the oposite effect to what you want... if it shows people are willing to pay for it monthly why would they stop doing that? like when people are willing to pay for stuff via dlc that is already on the disc (capcom) even useless stuff like outfits! fing outfits! lol... does that mean that next time capcom will do their dlc for free? dont bet your life on it!

GEESE3488d ago

I know people hate paying, but that is why I like it. There are no douche bags online because they won't pony up for it.
This game will suck balls because it is aimed at younger audience.
That means sh1t talking teenagers and general losers all round.

Try WoW free trial if you have a decent PC and want to play mmorpg. But be careful, you will say goodbye to life.

Myst3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Wow is nothing compared to what you have to do for Final Fantasy XI it wants you to give up your soul to progress and you had to give up your soul for two lives in the past when it was much harder :p.

{Also I didn't hit disagree - I've played WoW before to -.-}

creeping judas3488d ago

As good as WoW is for taking over your life, you should try Lord of The Rings Online. Because of the story line, to me it makes a better MMO then WoW.