G4TV: Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Hands On Preview writes:

"Fans of the earlier games might also need a few moments to get adjusted to the controls. While all the button combos are the same as they were before, they've been reworked to fit the PS3's and 360's controllers. Though anyone who'd rather kick it old school can actually just play with the Street Fighter IV arcade stick controller they bought a few months ago, since it will work for this game as well.

Otherwise, everything in this fighting game is how you remember it, from the taut controls and the '80s-style Marvel character designs to the vintage music and sound effects. Sure, it may be the Dreamcast edition of the game, but playing it will bring you back to those days of yore, when you spent every afternoon in your local arcade. Just don't make your living room all dark and smoky without asking your spouse first."

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Jeff Goldblum3460d ago

Never played the first one.

Not a huge fan of "Capcom" characters, but Marvel vs. DC would be a nice idea.

ssbains3460d ago

Played this on Dreamcast when it first came out and then again later on PS2. I would only consider purchasing this on PS3 if it had trophy support and majority of trophies weren't online where you had to win like 100 online games. Listen up Capcom

To the poster above, Mortal Kombat vs. DC has been done, that is the closest you will get.