Resistance Action Figures Coming in September

according to Bryan Intihar, Community Manager, Insomniac Games-"The Resistance 2 collector's edition featured several exclusive treats, including a Chimeran Hybrid action figure. That was actually just the beginning of this franchise's toy collection, as DC Unlimited has announced plans to release four new Resistance action figures this fall. The Hybrid 2.0, Steelhead, Ravager, and Lt. Nathan Hale action figures (which range from five to seven inches tall) will be available on September 2 and cost $12-15 each. Expect more info in the months to come, but in the meantime, peep these pics:"

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ZuperAmazingCooKie3462d ago

I just hope that Insomniac somehow manages to recover the storyline that they crapped on in R2

cricen3462d ago

I thought the same until I actually read all of the intell from the the single player and the multi-player. There was allot they didn't flat out tell/show and it was a pain to read through all of it but, it redeemed the story to me.