More from "inFamous" boss on Xbox rivalry, comics and the PS3

Here's a fuller version of the Q&A with Sucker Punch's Chris Zimmerman than the abbreviated one in today's paper. Among other things, he talks about the PS3-Xbox rivalry covered in Sunday's story:

Q: Do you think Sony has to be bold because it's in last place among the current consoles?

A: You could make that argument but I wouldn't, because they've been consistent. They had excactly the same strategy with PlayStation1, where they had dominant marketshare, PlayStation2, same strategy, dominant marketshare. This time, it's been more of a scuffle, obviously. But it's the same strategy - whenever we get around to doing the next generation (of consoles), I think there's going to be that same corporate, organizational commitment to pushing the envelope - to doing games and giving you experiences that you've never seen before. I think it's great.

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sack_boi3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

People complain about Sony not marketing games well, bla bla bla. But seriously, when you see games like Killzone 2, uncharted, Infamous, Heavy rain... you know where all that marketing money is going; into helping out developers make the games we gamers would love.

Good interview BTW.

Elimin83486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

I just echoed your sentiment....... and agree with you 100% Makes you feel like disregarding the article whether they are credible or not e.g "NYT". Not saying this one isn't but damn.. Spell check your sh!t. some guys on here do the same especially those who disagreed with you. Very interesting interview though..

callahan093486d ago

"each game is going to be the straw that broke the camel's back for someone"

This seems to be precisely Sony's modus operandi. Make a bunch of really great titles across a multitude of various genres, and people all over will eventually see that there's something there that sets them over the edge. No individual game, be it Little Big Planet, or Killzone 2, or InFamous is going to push EVERYONE over the edge of desire, but each game is a new opportunity to bring over new fans.

nefertis3486d ago

I agree with u callahan09

Nathaniel_Drake3486d ago

Yup it's all about making great games. Keep them coming Sony!!! =)

meepmoopmeep3486d ago


dunno if you're banned to OZ
but i reposted your comment on the other side.

Traveler3486d ago

I have to agree. That's one thing I like about Sony's approach more than Microsoft's: their focus on taking risks and supporting a diversity of exclusive content.

I like both consoles, but so far there have only been a couple of exclusives on the 360 that I really care about; namely Mass Effect and Gears of War. Most everything else I have got for my 360 is multiplatform. Microsoft just hasn't done as well on the exclusive front as Sony has.

And the exclusives MS does come out with tend to be more mainstream and less daring and unique. In terms of retail success that strategy certainly has some merit since the mainstream seem to respond best to heavily hyped, familiar games more than they do to fresh new game experiences (sad, but true). From a gamer's perspective, however, that approach is not conducive to the creation of great new game experiences that leave a lasting impression.

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Raoh3486d ago

it's a great follow up to david jaffee's comments on bonus round and hiphopgamers show..

lots of small new studios starting out need to make money and easy tools provided for the pc and 360 are appealing to them.

the companies that stay with sony seem to have money (not that they wouldnt want more) but they seem to be at a zen line state where they can go back to their creative roots as opposed to their need to fund this company.

meepmoopmeep3486d ago


"This seems to be precisely Sony's modus operandi. Make a bunch of really great titles across a multitude of various genres, and people all over will eventually see that there's something there that sets them over the edge. No individual game, be it Little Big Planet, or Killzone 2, or InFamous is going to push EVERYONE over the edge of desire, but each game is a new opportunity to bring over new fans."

Bathyj3486d ago

How many times have you heard this?

I wouldn't get a PS3 for MGS.
I wouldn't get a PS3 for LBP.
I wouldn't get a PS3 for Uncharted.
I wouldn't get a PS3 for Killzone.

Normaly thats just some troll still looking for excuses, but even if that was the case and it was all true, no, you might not get a PS3 just for Killzone, but you'd get one for KZ, LBP, Uncharted and MGS.

If not, whats wrong with you? How can you pretend you're a gamer?

Traveler3486d ago

I know what you mean. Those 360-only gamers that say things like that truly baffle me.

I mean, I understand that not everybody is going to like every game, but when there is a whole list of well-received games that you just happen not to like, well, I find that a little suspicious.

Seriously, I own both consoles and I know what is available for both consoles, so when those 360 diehards act like there is nothing on the PS3, I just have to shake my head and say to myself "what the heck is so amazing on the 360, if you don't like any of those great PS3 games?".

It's fanboy selective blindness. Everything on "their" console is by default better than what is on the other consoles simply because it is on the console that they own and are emotionally attached to.

3486d ago
Godmars2903486d ago

But does that argument apply to the 360?

Bathyj3486d ago

I guess to a point the reverse is true. Some people would be saying I wouldn't buy a XB for Halo or for Gears. The differance is probably the Xb doesn't have to wide diversity of really good exclusives that PS3 does, covering so many genres.

I'm sure you could rattle off a list of decent games worth getting for XB, but for me theres just not that many titles I care about on the machine, even though I already have the console.

In fact the game I really care about on XB is Tenchu. Not a AAA I know, but I love the series for all its faults and AAA status worries me as much as sales charts, ei not at all. If my XB RRoD'd now, it would not be as big a lost as 2 years ago when it still had my interest. I would just have about 3 dozen old games to get rid of.

As I said, you're likely right, I've never heard anyone justifing having to buy an XB. They're so cheap, if someone wants one, they just get it.

Traveler3486d ago

It's funny, Bathyj, Tenchu Z is also one of the main games I like on the 360, since I have been a big fan of the series since the original on PS1.

To be honest if it weren't for Tenchu Z and Mass Effect--and to a lesser extent Gears of War and Fable--there really wouldn't be any other exclusives that I really care about on the 360. I am really looking forward to Mass Effect 2 though, since the first one is one of my favorite games.

The simple truth is, the PS3 has received a lot more exclusives that have appealed to me so far and it hasn't even been out as long.

On the 360 I have Mass Effect, Tenchu Z, Gears 1 & 2, Fable, and Halo 3 and that's it for exclusives, even though I have had the console since launch (over three years ago). And to be honest Halo 3 and Gears have worn a little thin for me. I still like them, but I could live without them.

I've had my PS3 half that time and the exclusives I have for it are Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Motor Storm, Ratchet & Clank Future, and LittleBigPlanet. All of those games are some of the best games I have played this generation.

Point is, tastes vary, but for me the PS3 has done a better job in the exclusives department so far. Let's see what happens at E3.

Godmars2903486d ago

Actually I couldn't rattle off the names of 360 games that would make me buy the system, just ones that wold have have my interest, that I might buy, if I owned one. Mass Effect being top of the list.

Just noting that most question the PS3 where they don't the 360. Something I find especially odd given the price points of the two consoles in what they have to offer vs what's expected of them.

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Ps_alm3k3486d ago

It's about supporting developer's creativity.

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